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Already Certified?

By: john.coleman

What you need to know about the new Open FAIR Certification

For many years CXOWARE has provided its own certification program to go along with the FAIR Analyst Training (both on-site and online). As many of you have noticed, The Open Group has just launched the Open FAIR certification program. Many of our current certification holders have already emailed asking about the new certification and whether their current certification is still valid or transfers. Keep reading for the details….

The Project

We have been working with The Open Group for the past year to achieve two big initiatives:

  1. Publish two formal risk standards (Risk Taxonomy & Risk Analysis)
  2. Create a formal certification program

Both of these projects officially launched at the Open Group London Conference this past October.

I would like to take a brief moment to thank all the participants who have participated in the OG Risk Working Group to make both of these projects successful.

Common Questions

- What about the CXOWARE FAIR Analyst Certification?

Nothing Changes - the certification is still valid (2 years from issuance). That said, we won’t be issuing any new certifications or renewals going forward. The new Open FAIR Certification is a superior option that any current certified professional should absolutely consider.

- Is there the opportunity to “grandfather” into the Open FAIR Certification?

The answer is unfortunately no. The reason is that the Open FAIR Certification has a defined “Body of Knowledge” that was created and approved by the working group. This body of knowledge extends the material covered within our Analyst certification and for that reason a grandfathering approach was not possible.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Chad Weinman at cweinman[at]

A Great Opportunity & Event

To promote the new certification and recognize the FAIR risk ambassadors out there we have a great event planned. We will be hosting a free 2-part webinar series for all existing and certified CXOWARE FAIR Analysts. The Open Group is sponsoring this webinar series by providing a 50% off discount vouchers for the Open FAIR Certification exam.

Part One: Refreshing Key FAIR Concepts *optional*

A concise and efficient recap of the FAIR taxonomy, key measurement concepts and open discussion. This event is also a great opportunity to be introduced to other FAIR professionals.

Part Two: Extending Your FAIR Knowledge

A webinar that covers the additional BoK (Body of Knowledge) material that extends beyond what was covered in the CXOWARE FAIR Analyst certification. This webinar will assist anyone interested in or prepping for obtaining the new Open FAIR Certification.

Think about it… a free 2-part webinar on FAIR and a 50% off voucher to take the Open FAIR Certification exam. Event & Registration details will soon be posted on this blog, the Twitter, and the FAIR Linkedin Group. Keep your eyes out!

Learn more about the Open FAIR Certification here:

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