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CXOWARE Programmer Scott Traver Places Third in Hackathon Competition

By: Steve Tabacek

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Spokane just completed its first hackathon this weekend. A hackathon is an event where computer develpers come to together to solve problems or just build cool stuff. The theme of our event was, "Use Your Powers for Good." At this event the goal was to create software solutions that would help the city of Spokane. The goals of our event were to build community, educate and show people they have the power to be the solution to our city's issues. SpoCode was a raw and unrefined event that was completely focused on software development. The event started at 5:30 on Friday and ended on 5:30 on Saturday. Teams worked all night to complete their projects. It was an incredible success with 45 participants and 10 teams presenting at the end. 3rd place led by Scott Traver of CXOWARE was Data Crunch. Data Crunch is a website that allows community members to see where the city is spending its budget in an easy to understand visual format.

Great work Scott!

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