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CXOWARE goes live with FAIRiq Enterprise Risk Management Software

By: Steve Tabacek

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After more than a year in development CXOWARE launches FAIRiq, a software-as-a-service private cloud enterprise risk management application. FAIRiq software is an evolutionary advancement in quantitative information security and operational risk management software for large corporate and government entities. Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR), the applications underlying methodology, is already a well established and recognized industry standard for performing quantitative financially-derived information security and operational risk assessments.

FAIRiq was built as a foundational risk management decision-analysis application enabling organizations to measure economic loss associated with information security & operational risk. FAIRiq software enables executives and risk managers to analyze information security & operational risk, identify highest loss exposure areas, monitor & track an organizations risk landscape over time, and collaborate threat & loss magnitude experience with industry peers. FAIRiq drives better informed decision making, improves the ability to prioritize risk mitigation budgets, better manages or reduces financial loss exposure, and enables peer collaboration which enhances organizational awareness of threat landscape changes.

Special thanks to our anchor customers and business partners for their thought leadership and design work and to our programming team for a job well done. Over the next few months we will be working on customer directed enhancements for reporting and integration into GRC applications. For more information regarding the FAIR Standard, our Training and Certification Programs, FAIRiq Enterprise Software, and a list of Authorized FAIR Business Partners, please contact Michael Radigan at (614) 296-7881 or call our main number at (866)-936-0191. The Testimonial and Resources section of our web site can be a great resource for obtaining more information (



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