Rapid Risk Assessment for Quick Insights and Prioritization

Cyber risk assessments should run at the speed of business decision-making. Boards, senior management, auditors and CISOs demand quick readouts and better understanding of their cyber security risk exposure: “What are our top risks for bottom-line impact?”

Most infosec teams can’t respond either quickly or in a way that helps decision-makers understand what their true top risks are and prioritize which risks require deeper analysis and better mitigation. The standard risk assessment process yields results in technical or qualitative terms.

The RiskLens Rapid Risk Assessment breaks through this analysis paralysis. Using the RiskLens SaaS platform, built on FAIR™, the standard for cyber risk quantification, organizations run risk analyses in minutes that present loss exposure in dollar values and produce flexible, customizable reporting that clearly prioritizes risks by probable impact.

Accelerate the Risk Assessment Process

The RiskLens platform rapidly analyzes and ranks your risks. A simple, intuitive assessment interface, and integrated data specific to your industry radically cut analysis time and effort.

Triage and Prioritize Risks with Confidence

Financial analysis of cyber risk based on the FAIR standard means you’ll compare risks for probable loss in dollars, revealing actionable insights on where to focus security initiatives first.

Communicate Top Risks to Decision Makers

Present clear, easy-to-read reports in the bottom-line terms that decision-makers want to see, with top risks organized and compared based on ranges for dollar values of probable loss.

Value: Guided Risk Workshop for Your Team

RiskLens Services experts will be hands-on as you start your Rapid Risk Assessment program, guiding your cybersecurity and risk management teams in a 2-3 day kickoff workshop aimed at identifying an initial 20-40 risks, analyzing and prioritizing them in financial terms, and presenting the results in an easily consumable report. You’ll learn Rapid Risk Assessment by doing.

Value: Flexible, Customizable Reporting

Easily tailor reporting from the RiskLens platform to quickly answer questions from decision-makers across multiple parameters. For example, risks sorted for annualized loss exposure, most severe single event, top non-availability risk, most likely to exceed risk appetite or other threshold. It’s all made possible by a quantitative analysis engine that renders cyber risk into dollar terms for meaningful cross-comparison of risks by impact.

Value: Data and Tools to Go Forward on Your Own

Our emphasis is always on educating your team to run Rapid Risk Assessments on your own, though we partner with you for ongoing coaching. Besides the initial benefit of identifying your top risks and set-up of the platform, your teams will gain a foundational, hands-on experience with FAIR methodology. We will also leave you with a library to store defined risks to speed future analyses, a top risks dashboard to track your changing risk landscape, and a blueprint for your team to go forward with a self-sustaining program.

True Cyber Risk Management

Let us help you measure your risk in financial terms.

RiskLens offers solutions that measure and analyze cybersecurity risk with the international FAIR standard.

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