Leading Cyber Risk Management Applications
That Enable You To:


Assess An Organization's Maturity Level

Assess the maturity level and compliance of your cybersecurity practices for insurance underwriting, 3rd party due diligence and M&A.

Overview of RiskLens Cyber Risk Maturity

Overview of RiskLens Cyber Risk Third Party


Quantify Cybersecurity Risk in Financial Terms

Understand your cyber risk from the business perspective and communicate with the board and the executives in a common
language that everybody understands

Overview of RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification for scalable cyber risk assessments

Overview of RiskLens Cyber Risk Triage for rapid evaluation of common risk issues


Prioritize Your Risk Mitigations

Maximize your risk reduction by prioritizing your risk mitigation initiatives based on financial impact.

RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification - Prioritization



Calculate your Security ROI

Rightsize your cybersecurity budgets by getting insight into how much your security investments can reduce risk.

RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification - Top Risk Reductions



Optimize Your Cyber Insurance

Optimize your coverage level by getting the necessary data for obtaining the right policy from your insurance carrier.

RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification - Materialized Areas of Loss

RiskLens Suite of Cyber Risk Management Applications

Today, organizations can track cybersecurity threats, but struggle to quantify cybersecurity risk in financial terms that are meaningful to the rest of the business. 

RiskLens is the only cyber risk quantification platform purpose-built on FAIR, the standard quantitative model for cybersecurity and technology risk. 

The RiskLens platform is comprised of the following applications:

"We reduced the number of high-risk issues by an order of magnitude by using RiskLens, which enabled management to understand and deal with the really important stuff." 

IT Risk Officer, Leading Insurance Company


"We got out-of-budget-cycle funding for an expensive security improvement by using RiskLens to develop a cost/benefits analysis"

CISO, Large Bank