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Are You Ready to Get Started with RiskLens?

  • I don't think that we have enough data for risk quantification.
    • Most of our customers underestimate the amount of data they have and actually have more data than is necessary for risk quantification.
    • Having said that, our platform and our processes have been designed to take the reality of limited data into account. Our risk quantification analyses can be run with very few inputs, by leveraging the power of advanced mathematical simulations to produce meaningful probability distributions. When historical data is not available, our proven calibration approach will teach your teams how to produce high-quality estimates.
    • Additionally, the platform comes with a series of common data sets that can be used as initial inputs for most organizations.
  • I'm not sure we're mature enough for this.
    • Our templetized workflow allows organizations to leapfrog their current state and to immediately, intuitively and consistently apply the steps required for a cyber risk quantification analysis.
    • Plus, RiskLens applications are delivered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), so there are no hardware investments or installation resources required.
  • Do I have the right people?
    • Your team knows your business, and chances are they’re already trying to quantify cyber risk in spreadsheets. Our solutions are designed for it. No need for hard-to-find and expensive risk gurus, data scientists or business intelligence specialists.
    • If you are under a pressing deadline, RiskLens can help accelerate the delivery of actionable results via its retainer services, where certified risk consultants run the RiskLens applications and conduct analyses for you. 
  • We're in the middle of another initiative...
    • Accelerate decision-making for your current cyber risk management initiatives. Even if you’re in the middle of other projects, there’s no better time to get started with RiskLens. Our cyber risk quantification solutions can help you quickly identify areas of risk concentration - in hours and days, not weeks or months.
  • How long will it take to realize value?
    • You can analyze your first risk scenario right after the initial training and quantify risk in matters of hours. For an enterprise-wide risk analysis, it will depend on the number, scope and granularity of the scenarios covered.
  • Get started today
    • Get started today with a pilot implementation to quantify cyber risk for 1-2 critical assets. Then grow at your own pace, by quantifying cyber risk across all key digital assets and business processes and by integrating the results as part of your cyber risk management program. 

Need Help Justifying RiskLens To The Rest of Your Organization?

Are You Ready?

Our customers justify their Cyber Risk Quantification initiatives based on the following benefits: 

  • Understanding the organization's cyber risk exposure: Members of board of directors and of executive management teams, as officers of their organization, have a fiduciary responsibility towards shareholders and customers to understand, quantify and mitigate digital risk factors, and sustain business value
  • Effective cyber risk management: Cyber risk cannot be managed effectively on a qualitative basis or by relying on technical assessments alone. Business executives of the digital age can only lead on the basis of an objective, quantitative approach to make well-informed cyber risk management decisions
  • Improved communication: Various stakeholders have a role to play in the governance and management of cyber risk programs. Utilize a common language, dollars and cents, that all stakeholders (board of directors, executives, risk officers, operations, IT) can understand to facilitate collaboration
  • Prioritized risk mitigations: The quantification of cyber risk also helps prioritize risk mitigation initiatives based on business impact. This allows our customers to focus on the risk mitigations that maximize risk reduction
  • Cost optimization: Understanding the organization's cyber risk exposure and the benefits of risk mitigations allows our customers to have an informed discussion about their tolerance to cyber risk and to rightsize security budgets. Make sure that you are not spending too much on the wrong initiatives, and too little on the ones that matter the most.  
  • Leverage cyber insurance solutions: The quantification of cyber risk helps organizations assess what level of coverage they need, select the right policies, and ultimately optimize their risk transfer strategy

How Will You Benefit

  Board & Business Executive Chief Information Risk Officer (CIRO) CISO Risk Manager
Modular Applications Executive reports help: understand cyber risk in financial terms; drive well-informed decisions for balancing the need to protect the organization and running the business Detailed reports help: highlight areas where cyber risk is concentrated and that require the most attention; optimize the organization's risk transfer (cyber insurance) strategy Generation of information about cybersecurity risk in financial terms helps justify the value of cybersecurity to the business Replace tedious and error-prone manual approaches to risk analysis with a clearly defined workflow
Purpose-built Platform Designed to bridge the cyber risk communication gap between IT and the business Quantitative FAIR risk model helps incorporate cyber risk as part of the overall enterprise risk management strategy Automatically translates cybersecurity and technology data into risk-based information Automated risk analysis and mathematical simulations help provide quick and efficient wins. Platform does the math so you don't have to
Domain Expertise Assurance that cyber risk analysis is performed on the basis of a proven quantitative risk standard, adopted by some of the largest companies in the world A company and community with more combined experience in quantifying cyber risk than any other organization A company and a community experienced in helping CISOs become experts in communicating the value of cybersecurity to the business and turn into CIROs Leverage a wide user base and out-of-the-box knowledge

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