Case Study: Manufacturing Co. CISO Justifies Project to Protect IP from Cyber Theft

The CISO at a manufacturing company persuaded executive management to let him clean up their intellectual property mess: Critical, proprietary plans and designs were scattered around various servers and workstations.

Management gave him the funding to create a centralized data repository behind a wall of controls to thwart cyber thieves.  IP Risk Management Mission accomplished – or so the CISO thought.

Then management demanded to know how much risk reduction they had bought for their investment, in dollar terms. The CISO was in a tough spot.  With just a qualitative, red-amber-green method of assessing risk, he couldn’t put a dollar figure on current risk level, let alone a previous level for comparison.

Learn how the CISO used the RiskLens platform to identify and collect the data to begin the analysis, then to apply the FAIR model for risk quantification, powered by RiskLens’s Monte Carlo simulation engine, to make solid estimates on risk in the easy-to-interpret, financial terms that management demands. Read our IP case study.