CEO Nick Sanna to Speak at IBM Think Digital Event This Week

RiskLens CEO Nick Sanna speaks on a panel at the IBM Think Digital event this week. Video of the session, “Quantify Cybersecurity Risk in Financial Terms [6927],” is available on demand – watch it now.

Customers have a need for global support and a total cyber risk assessment and management solution. Therefore, RiskLens and IBM Security Strategy Risk and Compliance (SSRC) Services group have joined in a global partnership to bring the benefits of cyber risk quantification to IBM’s vast client base.

Join the conversation next week when Nick joins IBM Security in a discussion on how to describe and manage cyber risks. CISOs and Boards will want to tune in to learn how to find common ground on communicating organizational cyber risk and hear examples of previous client experiences on quantifying risk as they moved to the cloud.

Nick is a great explainer of cyber risk quantification – what it is, how it works and the business case for a quantified risk management program. Check out a few of his blog posts and articles by way of an  introduction:

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IBM Security specialists offer clients a wide range of capabilities, including security program development, regulatory and standards compliance, and security education and training. Now, they’ll be equipped with the RiskLens SaaS platform to enable clients to quantify and report on cyber risk in financial terms best understood by business decision-makers.

Let's Talk About Your Cyber Risk in Business Terms

RiskLens is leading a revolution in the way cyber risk is assessed, measured and managed by bringing to market a Software as a Service solution that makes cyber risk quantification a reality.
We help organizations translate cyber risk from the technical into the economic language of business.

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