FAIR Training Rapidly Becoming a Must-Have for Cyber Risk Assessments

Are you responsible for analyzing, managing, or reporting on cyber risk in your organization?

Do you know the FAIR model and can you apply it to quantitatively assess cyber risk scenarios?

If you answered yes to the first question but no to the second, you’re being outpaced by your peers who are, in steadily increasing numbers, seeking education on the FAIR model.

The RiskLens Academy, the world’s leading provider of education on FAIR, has already trained more people in 2018 than we did in all of 2017, and Q3 isn’t even over. And the pace is only increasing with more and more cyber risk professionals signing up for our FAIR Analysis Fundamentals course and the more advanced FAIR Analyst Learning Path, which provides learners with the skills needed to conduct FAIR analyses boots-on-the-ground in their organizations.

Why are more people coming to us for education on FAIR? Because they feel the pressure from decision-makers in their organizations to talk about cyber risk exposure using the language of business: dollars and cents. Whether due to recent SEC guidance, presidential directives on cybersecurity, a desire to progress towards integrated risk management, or the realization that high/medium/low risk “ratings” or convoluted risk “scoring” methods aren’t good enough anymore because they don’t help inform economic decisions, cyber risk practitioners are flocking to the rigorous, defensible FAIR framework and providing massive value to their organizations as a result.

If you’re behind the curve, have no fear. There are more ways than ever for you to join the cyber risk quantification revolution. The online RiskLens Academy offers self-paced FAIR Analysis Fundamentals and FAIR Analyst Learning Path courses. If you prefer a live classroom setting you can bring RiskLens onsite to train your team. Or you can join a live FAIR course at FAIRCON 2018 or an upcoming SANS training event.

Don’t get left behind — learn about FAIR today!

What RiskLens Academy Grads say…

“This training has given me a logical and strong way to present risk to my stakeholders. I believe it has given me a solid foundation to have intelligent conversations about risk. This training gave me a new insight and I am excited to start using the methodology.”

“This course will provide the framework and basis for the work I do in my role. I will start applying the knowledge I have acquired immediately.”

“In the past, to secure funding for risk and security projects was through persuasion and scare tactics. Those methods only take you so far. But, this allows me to have better conversations, real conversations.”

“This course was a great eye-opening experience and insight into risk. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding discussions about adoption within our organization. This was the best training I’ve had in years.”

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