Jumpstart Your Cyber Risk Quantification Program With New Customer Success Packages

Starting the Cyber Risk Quantification Journey

RiskLens prospects, who conduct a pilot implementation of the Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) application, experience first hand the power of quantifiable risk analysis and data-driven decision making. On the heels of these results, a vast majority want to build a cyber risk quantification program and enter into a long term subscription of CRQ.

At this point, their first question is, “How do we get started?”. They want to know how to set up a cyber risk quantification program the right way, so that they can realize it’s full benefits and begin managing and communicating the value of cybersecurity from the business perspective, in financial terms.

RiskLens’ Customer Success Team Can Help You Jumpstart Your Program

For an increasing number of customers, the pre-requisite FAIR training and RiskLens application training as well as the onboarding services that come with each new subscription, are not enough as they are under pressure from the business to deliver quick results and may not have a sufficient number of trained risk analysts on staff yet.

  • Some may have urgent business reporting requirements;
  • Others need to make difficult budgeting decisions;
  • Others still must meet regulatory requirements or
  • Resolve some high-profile audit findings.

This is where Retainer Services from our Customer Success team can help meet our customers’ deadlines or their desire to jumpstart a cyber risk quantification program.

RiskLens Retainer Service Packages: Proven Tactical & Strategic Risk Analyses

As part of Retainer Services, the Customer Success team is now offering a series of proven service packages that have delivered a lot of value to existing customers. They are a mix of tactical and strategic risk analyses.

Tactical risk analyses include:

  • Risk assessment – migration of system to the cloud
  • Risk assessment – Web app attacks, patching
  • Risk assessment – Effect of act of terror, sabotage
  • Cost-benefit analysis – Improved application patching
  • Cost-benefit analysis – DLP improvements
  • Cost-benefit analysis – Data encryption
  • Comparative analysis – Ransomware / malware events
  • Comparative analysis – Improved/additional controls
  • Comparative analysis – Anti-phishing controls efficacy

Strategic risk analyses include:

  • Board reporting – Analysis of top 10 risks
  • Budgeting – Analysis of top projects
  • Risk reporting – Enterprise risk assessment

Tactical risk analyses typically provide quick results in days/weeks, while more complex strategic risk analyses can be completed in weeks/months.

Contact us today to learn more about these new Retainer Service Packs and how you could show quick results that will engage your business audience and enable cost-effective decision making.