Learn FAIR Quantitative Risk Analysis with SANS Institute Training

The leading organization for information security training, the SANS Institute, is offering a four-day intensive training course, Measuring and Managing Cyber Risk Using FAIR, September 10-13, 2018, in Baltimore. The course will be taught by RiskLens’ Training Lead, David Musselwhite.

As Boards and senior management increasingly demand financial analysis of cyber risk on par with the reporting they receive from other parts of the business, forward-looking infosec  professionals are learning FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk), the only international standard quantitative model that enables meaningful measurement of cyber risk in dollar terms.

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In this four-day course, you will learn:

  • Why standard, qualitative risk analysis fails
  • How to improve communication about cyber risk with FAIR’s standard lexicon
  • How to apply the principles and use the tools of quantitative analysis, including calibrated estimation and the FAIR model
  • Running Monte Carlo simulations for a sophisticated view of risk probabilities
  • Skills to collect data within your organization, scope an analysis, QA results and make presentations to decision-makers

The course emphasizes learning through analysis of realistic case studies, using the RiskLens platform, the only software solution purpose built on FAIR.

The course concludes with comprehensive preparation for the Open Group’s OpenFAIR Certification exam, using an exam study guide and mock assessment questions,

David-Musselwhite-When-Non-Compliance-Is-AOK 3Course instructor David Musselwhite is one of the most knowledgeable of FAIR practitioners; he established an entirely FAIR-based enterprise risk management program at a leading financial services firm and has advised dozens of major companies on quantitative risk analysis as a RiskLens consultant.  He is also one of the most engaging teachers of FAIR, with a talent for explaining key concepts in relatable terms (listen to him explain Monte Carlo Simulation in 5 Minutes– with cookies).

Gain the skills you need to adopt a cyber risk quantification strategy for your firm and communicate cyber risk in financial language to your senior leadership – learn FAIR cyber risk quantification with David Musselwhite at the SANS Institute Baltimore training event in September.