Large Manufacturing Company Conducts Cost-Benefit Analysis of Shorter Patching Window

case_study_shorter_patch_window.pngA large manufacturing firm had to react to an audit finding that uncovered that the patching of a critical enterprise platform was typically happening after 6 months of a patch release, versus the 3 months stated in the their security policy

The technology risk team used RiskLens' Cyber Risk Quantification application to compare:

  •  the current-state risk 
  • the resulting risk if resolution recommendations were implemented
Conducting a quantifiable before/after risk analysis to evaluate by how much the application upgrade and the shorter patch window could reduce risk compared to the associated cost resolved the stalemate between the auditors and IT. Armed with the risk reduction and cost data, management was able to make an informed decision on the best course of action to take. 

Download the case study today to see how RiskLens was used by this organization to determine the cost-benefit of an improved patching window.

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