Cyber Risk Maturity


RiskLens Cyber Risk Maturity is an applied maturity model that measures an organization’s ability to manage risk over time, as well as its compliance against NIST CSF and FFIEC CAT.

Analyze an Organization's Risk Posture

Measure an organization's ability to manage risk against the RiskLens maturity model

  • Measure your organization against fundamental risk management capabilities
  • Answer unambiguous questions at every step by selecting the scenario that best reflects the organization's state
  • Leverage an ontology that extends the power of FAIR to the analysis of risk governance and management practices 

Prioritize Risk Management Improvements 

Pinpoint which factors can improve your risk posture the most

  • Determine which risk management factors are most important and why, versus dealing with the 'laundry lists' generated by traditional frameworks
  • Go beyond traditional risk assessments that provide zero analysis and rely on analysts' mental models  
  • Apply rigorous and systematic risk analysis based on a standard risk management ontology and related Bayesian network

Measure Your Compliance to NIST Cyber Security Framework

Determine to what degree the risk management practices of a given organization align with NIST's cybersecurity framework

  • Cover all main 'functions' and 'categories' of NIST CSF in your analysis
  • Measure to what degree your organization aligns with each function and category
  • Visualize which functions and categories require the most attention

Effectively Leverage the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

Improve the assessment's accuracy, reporting and security 

  • Identify more accurately which elements of the framework are in need of improvement
  • Report in a more intuitive way how "inherent risk" and control conditions compare 
  • Use RiskLens' more secure SaaS application versus the basic spreadsheet 

Communicate in Terms All Can Understand

Share results in business-friendly charts and reports 

  • Reports include maturity views, compliance views (NIST, FFIEC) as well as quantified loss exposure 
  • Reports are designed for a business audience: management, board and regulators 
  • Reports can be exported as Word and pdf documents

Complete Your First Risk Analysis in Hours

Easy-to-use SaaS application 

  • Rely on templatized workflows to guide you through the analysis, from start to finish
  • Leverage the application as a one-stop-shop solution for assessing an organization's cyber risk maturity from multiple angles (FAIR, NIST, FFIEC)
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Measure an Organization's Risk Management Maturity 

Assess how well an organization compares against the RiskLens maturity model

  • What is the overall maturity of our risk management program? 
  • How mature are our threat intelligence practices?  
  • What is the maturity of our asset level controls? 



Basic Risk Management Maturity

Control Conditions

"Given the data provided for this analysis, there appears to be a 23% probability that Corp ABC will be able to maintain its cyber risk controls in a highly effective state over time, a 26% probability that control efficacy will be maintained at a moderate state, and a 51% probability that control efficacy will be low."



Understand How Effective an Organization Is at Managing Risk

Determine how effectively an organization is managing risk over time for each of the factors.

  • What is the risk posture of our supply-chain partners? 
  • What emerged from the due diligence of the company that we are trying to acquire?
  • Can we underwrite these cyber insurance policies at this price? 

Measure Your Compliance to NIST CSF

Assess your organization's alignment with NIST CSF functions and categories

  • How do we score against the recommended best practices of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework?
  • Which functions and categories require most attention?
  • How does that translate into actual loss exposure?




Effectively Leverage the FFIEC CAT

Represent more accurately which elements of the framework are in need of improvement


Quantify Your Potential Loss Magnitude

Estimate your cyber risk in financial terms

  • What is our estimated aggregate loss magnitude?
  • What are the materialized areas of loss?
  • What type of threat has the most potential impact?
RiskLens Cyber Risk Maturity Loss Magnitude


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