Cyber Risk Third Party


RiskLens Cyber Risk Third Party is a next-generation risk assessment solution for organizations that aim to cost-effectively assess the risk management practices of third parties such as vendors, partners or cyber insurance buyers.

Conduct Effective Third Party Assessments Up to 10 Times Faster

Assess the ability of your third parties to manage risk against the FAIR maturity model
  • Measure third parties against fundamental risk management capabilities
  • Apply rigorous risk management capability analysis based on a standard risk management ontology and related bayesian network
  • Achieve consistency in your assessments based on unambiguous scenarios

Consistently Compare Third Party Risk Profiles

Objectively determine which organizations do not meet your minimum risk management requirements
  • Go beyond traditional risk assessments that provide zero analysis and rely on analysts' mental models
  • Replace the checklist 'laundry lists' with relevant and practical questions that most don't even ask
  • Compare the risk scores of your third parties against the benchmark or your own risk score

Measure Third Party Compliance To NIST CSF

Determine to what degree the risk management practices of your third parties align with NIST's cyber security framework
  • Cover all main 'functions' and 'categories' of NIST CSF in your assessments
  • Measure to what degree these organization aligns with each function and category
  • Visualize which functions and categories require the most attention

Conduct Quick and Powerful Mass Assessments

Easy-to-use SaaS application
  • Assign your assessments to your third parties for online completion
  • Rely on a templatized workflow and notification system to manage all your assessments, from start to finish
  • Get your third parties to answer unambiguous questions at every step by selecting the scenario that best reflects the organization's state

Communicate Results in Terms All Can Understand

Share results in business-friendly charts and reports
  • Reports include maturity views and compliance views (NIST)
  • Reports are designed for a business audience: management, board and regulators
  • Reports can be exported as Word and PDF documents

Complete Your First Third Party Risk Assessment in a Couple of Hours

See for yourself how quickly you can achieve results and get value

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Measure Third Party Risk Management Maturity

Assess how well your third parties compare against the FAIR maturity model
  • What is the overall maturity of their risk management program?
  • How mature are their threat intelligence practices?
  • What is the maturity of their asset level controls?





Understand How Effective An Organization is at Managing Risk

Determine how effective the organization is likely to be over time at managing risk, for each of the factors
  • What is the risk posture of our supply-chain partners?
  • What emerged from the due diligence of the company that we are trying to acquire?
  • Can we underwrite these cyber insurance policies at this price?







Deploy to Hundreds or Thousands of Partners

Manage your mass assessments with confidence
  • Which partners have completed their assessments?
  • Which ones are still pending?
  • What partners are next in line?



Make It Easy On Your Partners

Facilitate the partners' self-assessment process via a user-friendly vendor portal
  • What workshops need to be assigned to what users?
  • Where are they in terms of task completion?


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