Cyber Risk Triage


RiskLens Cyber Risk Triage is a rapid risk assessment tool that helps determine which new cyber risk scenarios deserve a full risk analysis.

Assess Risk Scenarios as They Emerge

Rapidly quantify the potential loss exposure driven by new risk scenarios

  • Model risk scenarios and quickly estimate the potential loss exposure in dollars and cents  
  • Embed quick risk assessments as part of your program and project management processes 
  • Improve your risk assessment posture from reactive to proactive

Determine Which Risk Scenarios Matter Most

Make well-informed prioritization decisions based on financially-focused risk data

  • Evaluate the significance of new exploits and changes to the risk landscape (e.g., policy changes, policy exception requests, proposed new technologies, etc.)
  • Prioritize which risk scenarios deserve a comprehensive risk analysis with Cyber Risk Quantification
  • Quickly understand the true business significance of audit findings, security assessment results, and other potential sources of noise

Deliver Results Quickly

Leverage rapid modeling capabilities to assess risk in minutes  

  • Rely on the templetized workflow to guide you through the assessment, from start to finish
  • Leverage simple drop-down selections, pre-defined ranges for key risk factors and embedded loss tables 
  • Mathematical simulations automatically build your risk profile so you don't have to

User-Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use SaaS application 

  • Single-scenario at-a-time analysis provides the ability to control the granularity and depth of analyses
  • Out-of-the-box easy-to-understand reports 
  • Change-resiliant: run new analysis by updating only the variables that changed

Complete Your 1st Risk Assessment with Cyber Risk Triage in Minutes

 See for yourself how quickly you can achieve results and get value

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Determine Which Risk Scenarios Really Matter

Evaluate the significance of new risk scenarios in dollars and cents.

  • Which audit findings, policy exception requests or new threats do we need to focus on?
  • Which risk scenarios deserve a more comprehensive risk analysis?
  • What programs/projects require quick risk assessments?





Cyber Risk Triage Annualized Results

Cyber Risk Triage


Fast and Easy Risk Modeling

Leverage the embedded workflow and drop-down selections.

  • What are the factors of the risk analysis that we need to consider?
  • Which of the suggested ranges best characterize our current state?
  • What is the level of confidence in our data/findings?



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