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Enterprises today are overwhelmed with real-time data from their security infrastructure flashing red on their dashboards. From SIEM's, to threat intelligence tools, to vulnerability management platforms, acting on the data and understanding what it means from the business perspective has been an unreachable goal.

What is needed is a way to translate security data into intelligence organizations can use to make informed, real-time risk management decisions.

RiskLens consumes these diverse data feeds and uses FAIR to translate them into real-time views of your risk posture automatically. Integrating your ecosystem with RiskLens allows you to recognize and act upon the most critical changes in your risk landscape as they are developing.

RiskLens provides the elusive goal of every CISO: a risk-based dashboard that is driven by real business impact instead of the barrage of technical alerts, ratings, and scores.

Automate the FAIR Model in an Enterprise Platform

RiskLens helps you leverage the data from your threat intelligence and control monitoring tools and uses it to automate your FAIR analyses. This significantly reduces the need for manual data entry and streamlines risk analyses. RiskLens becomes the ultimate decision support tool for your security operations.

Gain a Real-Time View into Cyber Risk

Risk evolves at a rapid pace in cybersecurity - RiskLens ensures that your risk analyses stay up to pace. RiskLens' data integration capabilities allow you to stay up-to-date as threats and controls evolve. RiskLens automatically updates your risk analyses without the need for repetitive data entry.

Receive Alerts on Material Risk

RiskLens automatically informs you when changes to the risk landscape exceed your risk tolerance. This allows you to act upon issues that are most material to the business as they happen.

Automate the FAIR Model

For years CISO’s have struggled to harness the full power of the data coming from their security tools. They’ve suffered under massive alarm storms from their ecosystem that have no tie to business significance. This has led to endless chasing of issues and interpretation of data feeds while exhausting scarce resources such as your security analysts. Not being able to focus on what matters most dilutes your resources and gives your adversaries the advantage.

By connecting your security tools to RiskLens you can now use them to automate FAIR risk analyses. This unifies your cybersecurity data with threat intelligence and business impact data to create a complete real-time view of risk.

Gain a Real-Time View Into Cyber Risk

Many of the organizations impacted by cyber events were blind to the crises unfolding under their feet and only reacted when it was too late. Warning signs were often present in months-old risk assessments or drowned in the barrage of technical alerts.

RiskLens updates your risk analyses as new data comes in –  giving you a real-time view of your risk posture. Individual stakeholders, whether responsible for a single asset or an entire business unit, can view the risk they’re responsible for in real-time.

Receive Alerts on Material Risk

Without quantifying cyber risk, organizations have no way to define what risk is material to the business in terms of financial impact. Falling back on risk statements that are qualitative and superficial such as “we don’t accept high risks” doesn’t provide sufficient guidance for the security organization to act upon.

RiskLens empowers business stakeholders to define risk appetite and risk tolerance levels in financial terms. Armed with this information, security analysts can monitor activity against financial thresholds and be alerted when agreed risk tolerance levels are exceeded. Combined with real-time monitoring this puts the right information in the hands of security professionals at the right time.

"FAIR is a quantifiable, repeatable methodology that has a proven model behind it that is actually relevant to our business...we can actually articulate risk and threat likelihood and consequences, it gets us in a good position as a trusted adviser to the board."

Grant Bourzikas, CISO at McAfee

"When virtually every aspect of the business is quantitative...having the CISO give red/yellow/green heat maps is debilitating to decision-making."

Jack Jones, Creator of FAIR and Co-Founder at RiskLens

"If CISOs push back on quantifying potential loss, I find that unacceptable as a board director. CISOs need to advance."

James Lam, Director, E*Trade

"I think that FAIR is just a phenomenal program for being able to develop a consistent and rigorous methodology to reason about and measure and mitigate your cyber risk."

Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO at RSA

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