4 Ways to Conduct Quantitative Risk Analyses When You're Low on Resources

January 18, 2019  Chelsea Brunson

When speaking with potential customers here at RiskLens, we often hear “I do not have enough resources (both analysts and budget) to build a quantitative risk management program.” If you find yourself in the same predicament, do not worry! Here are some ways to conduct quantitative risk analyses when you're short on resources that address the most typical dilemmas.  

Dilemma 1: "I bought RiskLens, but it will take time to hire/train my risk analysts and I have an urgent risk reporting need."

Solution: RiskLens Retainer Services.

More specifically: “ I need to deliver report XYZ by the end of the month” or “ I need to complete my budgeting for next year.” The Professional Services (PS) team at RiskLens offers several packages to its customers that help solve your urgent needs. Our PS team can help with conducting either strategic risk analyses (example: analysis of top 10 risks) or tactical risk analyses (example: cost-benefit analysis of new security investment). You can read a more detailed list of what analyses can be done on this page.  

Dilemma 2: "I need to build a risk management team but I can not hire and train people fast enough."

Solution: Staff Augmentation Services.

If you're looking for staff augmentation services, RiskLens can refer you to certified partners that can provide with risk analysts to jump start your risk management program. This will allow you to start conducting risk assessment while building and training your internal team. If you are unsure about the size of the risk assessment team you need, you can read the following article.  

Dilemma 3: "I only need to do quarterly risk assessments but I do not have the resources for a RiskLens subscription."

Solution: Ad Hoc Risk Assessment Services.

Some companies are required to complete regular (monthly, quarterly, or annually) risk assessments but do not have plans for building a formal risk management program. In these cases, RiskLens can introduce you to certified partners that provide ad hoc risk assessments for organizations like yours.  

Dilemma 4: "I have money left in my operational expense budget (Opex) but not in my capital expense budget (Capex)."

Solution: Managed Service.

RiskLens can help accommodate the way you benefit from the RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification platform and your expense classification needs. Contact us to inquire about our managed service offerings, that include a subscription to our software as well as ongoing risk assessment services by RiskLens risk consultants on a defined number of hours per month basis.