Introducing FAIR-U: A Free Training App for FAIR

January 24, 2019  Bryan Smith

fairuToday, I'm pleased to introduce FAIR-U; a new web app that allows you to try FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk), the powerful model behind the RiskLens platform, for free. FAIR-U empowers you to create and quantify single-scenario FAIR risk analyses. Additionally, it is a training platform for both individuals and universities.

RiskLens developed FAIR-U for the FAIR Institute, the non-profit organization led by information risk officers, CISOs and business executives to develop standard information risk management practices based on FAIR.

When we set out to create FAIR-U we wanted to accomplish two primary tasks:

  1. Create a learning environment for FAIR and quantified risk analyses
  2. Create a platform that enables you to show others how FAIR works

I'm proud to say we have accomplished this and more. FAIR-U, which is available now, allows users to:

  • Perform FAIR-based quantitative risk analyses
  • Learn about the FAIR model and the different data inputs
  • Demonstrate FAIR in operation to your organization
  • Use the Monte Carlo driven, FAIR based risk engine to calculate loss exposure in financial terms
  • Practice what you learned in our Online Training Course and prepare for FAIR Certification
  • And give university students hands-on experience in risk analysis through the FAIR Institute's University Curriculum or other academic programs
The FAIR-U interface, built to reinforce the FAIR ontology

Over the next few months, we will add more sample analyses to FAIR-U to help kick-start your own analyses. We'll also bring you articles on how to approach the various inputs of the FAIR model and many other helpful learning features.

FAIR-U is licensed for non-commercial use. In plain terms, this means you can't use it to run your company's risk program. But you can use it to share how FAIR works within your company. You can use it for your training program. And universities can license it for free to use as part of their curriculum.


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