RiskLens Earns Training Accreditation from The Open Group

January 15, 2019  Chad Weinman

Accreditation by the standards organization that established OpenFAIR

RiskLens educates hundreds of professionals on  Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) each year. Our dedication to bringing awareness and knowledge of quantitative risk analysis within the industry continues to grow stronger.

With these continued efforts we are excited to announce that  RiskLens' FAIR Analyst training was recently formally accredited by  The Open Group.

The Open Group is a global consortium that is 500 members strong and that enables the achievement of business objectives through IT standards.

OpenFAIR is The Open Group standard for risk taxonomy and risk analysis. 

Accreditation includes an independent review of the course material, delivery, and trainers to assess the maturity and alignment with the Open FAIR standards and certification.
Here is some feedback from attendees of our live facilitator-led training courses:

"Risk should relate to the business and the business understands dollars & cents. I intend to change our internal methodology to align with FAIR."

"The course was a good overview on FAIR and provided a good foundation on the factors that go into the analysis. The examples and exercises were a good way to get practical experience."

"Great instructor - I like the enthusiasm + depth of experience. Dynamic speaker - kept my attention all class."

Upcoming developments

There are other exciting news related to The Open Group and FAIR Training that are upcoming soon:
  • RiskLens consultants are currently participating in an Open Group workgroup to draft a white paper mapping FAIR with STIX, a structured language for describing cyber threat information for sharing.
  • RiskLens consultants are also working on improving the eCourse learning options.
Stay tuned for news on both fronts.