RiskLens Sponsors the Creation of the FAIR Institute

By Nicola (Nick) Sanna | January 23, 2019


FAIR Institute: the home of the FAIR community

We are happy to announce the creation of the  FAIR Institute as an expert, non-profit organization where information risk officers and cybersecurity and business executives can meet to:

  • learn more about the FAIR risk standard and how to better manage risk from the business perspective
  • develop and share information risk management practices
  • network with their peers and connect with FAIR experts

How it all started

With the establishment of FAIR as an international standard risk model by  the Open Group, an increasing number of professionals from some of the world's largest organizations have selected FAIR as their risk model of choice for building better risk management programs based on analyzing and reporting on risk in financial terms. Organizations that have adopted FAIR include large banks, insurance companies, retailers, healthcare providers, energy companies and more. Several of these organizations and many FAIR practitioners expressed the need to organize in a forum where they could continue to improve their understanding of FAIR and learn best practices from one another.

In parallel, RiskLens (previously known as CXOWARE) emerged as the only cyber risk management company that developed a software purpose-built on FAIR. This allowed RiskLens to cultivate a great wealth of expertise on the subject of conducting quantifiable risk analyses based on FAIR and to answer the call by the FAIR community to create an expert forum. These circumstances led to RiskLens becoming the founder and technical advisor of the FAIR Institute.

RiskLens a founder and technical advisor to the FAIR Institute

As Technical Advisor to the FAIR Institute, RiskLens is committed to the development and adoption of standard cyber risk quantification and management practices and helps its members by:

  • Sharing how other companies are leveraging cyber risk quantification to improve their risk analytics and decision-making capabilities
  • Connecting them with other FAIR Institute members or other practitioners based upon their information needs
  • Reviewing their cyber risk maturity to create an accelerated cyber risk management roadmap
  • Providing access to experts in cyber risk management and other aspects of the FAIR methodology
Consider joining the FAIR Institute and enjoy the privileges reserved to its members. Membership is free for eligible members.