Watch the Webinar: Top Risks Assessments - A C-Suite Imperative

By Jeff B. Copeland | May 20, 2021


Steve Tabaceck, Co-Founder, RiskLensIf you’re a CISO with an appointment to brief your board or C-suite, RiskLens co-founder Steve Tabacek delivers a load of tips in this short webinar that will sharpen your presentation and build confidence from the top in your cybersecurity program. 

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Put yourself in the mindset of your audience, Steve advises – the board and C-suite think in terms of business functions and priorities (not infosec) so you should, too, when identifying your organization’s top cyber and technology risks.  

Steve recommends that you check your company’s public statements – like SEC 10Q filings or internal documents for non-public companies – to make sure you know the key segments of the business. In the webinar he walks you through how to read a 10Q to see revenue by business segment, an important reference point to judge what’s a top risk for a segment. Check the filings for disclosure on the important business initiatives and risks, then align your top risk scenarios with them. 

Also, “When communicating to the board, don’t just communicate the scenario for the problem, you also want to communicate the solution.” Steve shares some sample reporting charts in his slides that get that point across.

Top Risk Reporting - RiskLensFor more on board reporting, cyber insurance, and how to show your progress over time with a risk burndown chart, watch the webinar now.

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