Webinar on Demand: Colonial Pipeline Ransomware – a FAIR Perspective

By Jeff B. Copeland | June 11, 2021


Pipeline - Ransomware Attack on Colonial Pipeline - EmailAs we saw in the Colonial Pipeline incident, a ransomware attack on an industrial operation can be multi-dimensional, starting on the IT side, forcing an OT shutdown, with data breach and DDoS assaults thrown in to amp up the pressure to pay – and an array of secondary impacts, from lawsuits to Congressional investigations also at stake. How can your organization prepare for an event this complex?

In this webinar, Cary Wise, RiskLens Head of Partner Professional Services, and Mike Radigan, a cyber risk management executive for a Fortune 100 company and Executive Director at consultancy Business of Security, will show you how FAIR™, the standard for cyber risk quantitative analysis and the engine that powers the RiskLens platform, can lead your organization to a well-informed ransomware strategy.

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Cary and Mike cover: 

  • A quick overview of the FAIR standard and how FAIR analysis breaks down a complex threat like a ransomware attack into quantifiable components
  • A detailed plan for running a FAIR analysis of the threat of ransomware to your organization, including scoping analyses, identifying probable threat actors, modeling in RiskLens, and running what-if analysis to gain insights into opportunities for controls or process improvements.
  • How to gather the data for quantitative analysis within your organization on disaster recovery, incident response, threat intel reports, vulnerability management, as well as leverage industry data.
  • Dependencies of IT and OT networks – what are the business systems that, if they go down, take your production down
  • How to focus on the assets that are at greatest risk.
  • How to assess your organization’s risk appetite for shutting down operations in the event of ransomware attack.
  • Using the RiskLens platform to collect and consolidate all the sources of data in one place for analysis.  

“When we hear about ransomware, it sounds like doom and gloom,” Cary says. “There’s been messaging that says everybody is a target, nobody is safe. I don’t agree with that. One of the things you can do is inform yourself before ‘boom!'”. Have enough information now to be able to make decisions before you’re under pressure.”

Register to view the webinar on demand: Colonial Pipeline Ransomware – a FAIR Perspective