Webinar: Intro to Building a Quantitative Risk Management Program

By Jeff B. Copeland | April 16, 2020


RiskLens-Software-Services-New-Dec-21-2020-10-23-19-73-PMIn under an hour, RiskLens Marketing VP Steve Ward and Professional Services Lead Teresa Suarez, delivered a concise, on-point, need-to-know, introduction to the theory and practice of building a quantitative risk management program (QRMP).

Starting first with a discussion on why cyber risk quantification is gripping the industry, Steve offered,“There’s been a change in expectations for cybersecurity professionals – We’ve got to answer questions the business wants answered,” and subjective, low-moderate-high measurement scales simply can’t answer those questions in businesslike, financial terms.

Watch the webinar: "Building a Quantified Cyber Risk Management Program (QRMP)” now. 

As Steve and Teresa detailed, RiskLens understands that the journey to better cyber risk management through risk quantification can take on many forms. It may start with quick wins to demonstrate value, or it may involve an enterprise-wide shift to rapid maturity. Regardless of your approach, RiskLens brings to the table a total solution which includes not just software but Professional Services best practices, a trusted model and integration to existing risk management processes.

The RiskLens approach combines:

  • The RiskLens platform for scalable, reliable quantitative risk measurement and management
  •  RiskLens services – professional guidance on program set-up from the most experienced team in the world
  • The FAIR™ risk model, underlying the platform and processes, the international standard for cyber risk quantification
  • A risk management process that aligns with ISO 31000, NIST CSF and more standards.

“It’s a holistic approach,” Teresa said. “You set your goals, so you know what you’re working toward…And we work with our clients to understand their needs.” As Teresa demonstrated, RiskLens offers a proven process for setting goals and achieving outcomes at any level of organizational maturity on risk management.

While the move to quantification might seem daunting, “It’s not something to be scared of,” Steve said. The value of cyber risk quantification can be demonstrated in a four-day evaluation, including production of a quantitative risk assessment to make a risk-based business decision. “Our technology shocks people in terms of ease of implementation,” Steve added.

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