Webinar: RiskLens Innovations that Make FAIR Analysis Faster and Easier

By Jeff B. Copeland | December 14, 2020


New to RiskLens or existing customer, you’ll want to watch this webinar, led by RiskLens Senior Manager and Professional Services Architect Teresa Suarez, for a look at some breakthrough capabilities on the RiskLens platform that greatly accelerate the speed of FAIR quantitative risk analysis and its usefulness in supporting everyday decision-making.

Watch the webinar on demand: “Accelerate and Scale FAIR in Your Organization” with Teresa Suarez. Fill out the registration form below.

Teresa will lift the hood on the RiskLens engine, so you get a good look at the working parts, including

  • A simple Q&A workflow that translates the user’s answers into quantitative inputs.
  • Industry data embedded in the platform that shortcuts laborious data-gathering.
  • Rapid Risk Assessment: quick prioritization of risks to produce a ranked list based on financial impact – top risks identified in minutes.
  • Risk Treatment Analysis for true cost-benefit analysis, for instance to understand the risk reduction achievable by adding a control. For every dollar you spend, you can see in dollars the risk reduction you gain. “It really starts changing the way you evaluate your control landscape,” Teresa says.

Also, on the program, reports on three use cases from RiskLens clients who made informed, timely business decisions based on quick FAIR analyses, including

  • Triaging a high volume of risk analysis requests coming into the risk management team
  • Assessing how launch of a new application would impact overall loss exposure
  • Settling a tactical question on whether data encryption or key management would deliver the best return on investment in risk reduction.

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