Webinar: See RiskLens Rapid Risk Assessment in Action

By Jeff B. Copeland | June 12, 2020


RiskLens recently introduced the Rapid Risk Assessment solution to address this shortcoming: Many infosec teams are running risk assessments that are (a) in qualitative terms that don’t help decision makers understand and prioritize top risks and (b) take too long for the pace of modern business.

Our new solution produces analysis results in quantitative, dollar values in minutes, with easy to read reporting showing cyber risks ranked by their probable loss exposure for your organization.

In this 30-minute webinar, Teresa Suarez, Senior Manager, Professional Services, will show you a live demo of Rapid Risk Assessment on the RiskLens SaaS platform.

As you’ll see, you don’t need to be an expert in Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™), the standard operationalized by the platform, or a math whiz to do risk quantification, nor do you need a ton of data. In a simple, intuitive interface, the platform leads you through a series of simple, non-technical questions as you define the risk scenario you wish to analyze and enter the most relevant data.

A Rapid Risk Assessment engagement starts with a two or three day workshop with RiskLens consultants who set up the platform, and, after extensive conversations with your risk and security team members, load customized specs for your organization , for instance, your assets at risk, your experience with threat event frequency or dollar cost of loss events, plus RiskLens data specific to your industry, including legal costs.

As you’ll see in the webinar, the speed and ease of use of the platform comes from this careful onboarding phase, plus the intuitive, guided questions the platform asks, the “data helpers” (stored data for repeated use), and the flexible and easy to understand reporting – all of which means that analysts can quickly navigate by choosing from menus, then hit the go button to generate impactful reports like this:

Top Risk Report - RiskLens


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