Webinar: How RiskLens Helps CISOs Prioritize and Justify a Cybersecurity Program

By RiskLens Staff | March 26, 2021


Webinar - How RiskLens Helps CISOs Prioritize“Expectations for CISOs are changing,” says Rachel Slabotsky, Senior Manager, Professional Services, for RiskLens. “They are transitioning from more of a technical to a strategic function.” In this 30-minute webinar, Rachel gives a clear and concise look at how RiskLens helps CISOs redefine cyber risk as business risk to effectively communicate the value of a security program to non-technical business leaders.  

Watch the webinar now: Improving Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification Challenges with Risk Quantification (registration required). 

In the webcast, Rachel covers: 

  • How conventional risk management methods aren’t doing the job as business communication tools 
  • How CISOs can use cyber risk quantification to prioritize their security initiatives based on risk reduction in financial terms – and justify their strategic decisions to business stakeholders
Rachel gives a high-level explanation of how cyber risk quantification (CRQ) with the FAIR™ standard works, starting with measurable “loss events”, then goes on to demonstrate with case studies how the RiskLens platform puts FAIR analysis into action. 

The case studies show how:

  • A CISO at a healthcare payer company identified the organization’s top cyber risks, chose among alternative tactics for risk reduction, then demonstrated how security initiatives drove down the loss exposure from the top risks – all using FAIR analysis and the RiskLens analytics platform. 
  • A bank CISO discovered through CRQ that a $3 million initiative under consideration would in fact have nominal impact on risk reduction.
  • A financial services organization embedded RiskLens analysis into decision making, requiring CRQ on any security investment decision of more than $500,000. 

Learn more on how the RiskLens CRQ platform and services can help your transition to a strategic advisor role. Watch the webinar Improving Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification Challenges with Risk Quantification (registration required).