The Cyber Risk Quantification Suite from RiskLens

Many of the world's largest organizations in every industry use RiskLens to manage cyber risk from the business perspective, in financial terms. RiskLens was specifically designed to enable board of directors, business executives and cyber risk professionals make cost-effective decisions related to their cybersecurity investments and achieve the right balance between protecting the organization and running the business.

RiskLens is the only risk quantification suite purpose-built on FAIR, the standard risk model for cybersecurity and operational risk.

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Who We Help

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Chief Information Security Officers

Manage cyber risk from the business perspective.

Chief Information Risk Officers

Assess and report on cyber risk in financial terms.

How We Help

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Assess Cyber Risk Financially

Understand your cyber risk from the business perspective and communicate with the board and the executives in a language that everybody understands

Prioritize Your Risk Mitigations

Maximize your risk reduction by prioritizing your risk mitigation initiatives based on financial impact

Calculate Your Security ROI

Rightsize your cybersecurity budgets by getting insight into how much your security investments can reduce risk

Optimize Your Cyber Insurance

Optimize your coverage level by getting the necessary data for obtaining the right policy from your insurance carrier

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