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Visibility – one of the keys to effective risk management

By: Jack Jones

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Please join me in a webinar on risk management where I’ll pull back the covers and discuss a component of the FAIR framework that hasn’t been shared publicly before.

Although FAIR is primarily known as a framework for quantifying risk, other parts of the framework focus on understanding how to manage risk more effectively. In this webinar I’ll describe the Visibility Analysis component of the framework and how it can provide a source of meaningful metrics and intelligence that helps organizations approach risk more strategically. To learn more and to sign up for the webinar, please go here.

The webinar will take place on November 17th, at 11:30 am Eastern U.S. time.

Hope you can join us.

About The Author

Jack Jones
Jack Jones is the EVP of R&D and a Founder of RiskLens. He has worked in technology for over 30 years, the past 28 years in information security and risk management. He has a decade of experience as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with three different companies, including a Fortune 100 financial services company. His work there was recognized in 2006 when he received the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Excellence in the Field of Security Practices award. In 2007, he was selected as a finalist for the Information Security Executive of the Year, Central United States, and in 2012, he was honored with the CSO Compass Award for leadership in risk management. Jones, who lives in Spokane, Washington, has served on the ISACA CRISC Certification Committee and RiskIT Task Force, as well as the ISC2 Ethics Committee. He is the author and creator of the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) framework. He writes about that system in his book Measuring and Managing Information Risk: A FAIR Approach, which was inducted into the Cyber Security Canon in 2016, as a must-read in the profession.