Cyber Risk Quantification


RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification is a decision-support application that quantifies an organization's financial risk exposure to cybersecurity events. 

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Communicate Better In Terms All Understand

Quantify and communicate about cyber risk in the common business language of dollar and cents 

  • Present to the board and the business in a language they understand 
  • Get a seat at the business and enterprise risk tables
  • Demonstrate the value of cybersecurity initiatives


Make Better Decisions, Faster

Make well-informed decisions based on quantified financial data

  • Prioritize risk mitigations based on financial impact
  • Optimize your security budgets
  • Assess how much cyber-insurance you should buy


Ready for Limited Data

Designed to deliver value even when data is (or appears) limited

  • Leverage existing loss tables based on industry data
  • Calibration techniques help you provide better estimates 
  • Mathematical simulations build your risk profile with limited data


User-Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use SaaS application 

  • Out-of-the-box reports 
  • Templetized workflow makes scenario modeling easy
  • Change-resilient: run new analysis by updating only the variables that changed


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Quantify Cyber Risk in Financial Terms

Quantify and communicate about cyber risk in terms the business can understand

  • How much risk do we have? 
  • What is our risk appetite?
  • How does our actual risk compare to our risk appetite? 



RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification Aggregate Distribution
RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification Distribution Comparison

Visualize the Impact of Cybersecurity Initiatives 

Compare multiple analyses to show efficacy of security initiatives or effects of new threats

  • What is the effect of the new risk mitigations? 
  • By how much did we drive down risk in the last quarter?
  • How do we compare against industry benchmarks? 




Assess the Efficacy of Cyber Risk Programs

Perform annual enterprise assessments in a fraction of the time it used to take

  • How well are we managing risk over time? 
  • Are we meeting our stated objectives? 
  • How are we tracking against our risk appetite? 




Risklens Cyber Risk Quantification Trend

RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification Top Risk Concentrations

Understand Where Risk Is Concentrated

Identify concentrations of risk and the reasons why it's higher in some places and lower in others

  • What assets have the greatest loss exposure? 
  • What control deficiencies are contributing the most to those loss exposures? 
  • What percentage of aggregate loss exposure is driven by what control deficiency?




Determine Who the Threat Agents Are

Understand the threat landscape and who you really need to be worried about and who not

  • Who do we need to be worried about? Cyber criminals or privileged insiders?
  • What are the threat communities that represent the biggest risk?
  • What is their contribution to loss exposure?




RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification Threat Actors
RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification Risk Reduction Opportunities

Prioritize Top Risk Reduction Opportunities

Prioritize risk mitigations based on their financial impact

  • What actions should we take to reduce risk the most?
  • How much less risk will we have if we implement that risk mitigation?
  • What are the top risk mitigations based on amount of risk reduction?





Identify the Areas of Loss for Which You Can Buy Cyber Insurance

Build a well-informed case for buying the right amount of cyber insurance coverage

  • How much cyber insurance should we buy?
  • What is the right cyber insurance policy given our risk profile?
  • How do recent risk analyses affect our renewal discussions?



RiskLens Cyber Risk Quantification FAIR Forms of Loss

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