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RiskLens is constantly innovating to make cyber risk quantification using the FAIR™ standard faster and easier.


Rapid Risk Assessment

The RiskLens Rapid Risk Assessment capability combats speed and clarity constraints, allowing security and risk teams to quickly identify and prioritize top risks using built-in features that accelerate data gathering and analysis.

Capability Overview

Run risk analyses in minutes that present loss exposure in dollar values and produce flexible, customizable reporting that clearly prioritizes risks by probable impact.

  • Accelerate the risk assessment process.
  • Prioritize risk based on business impact.
  • Determine which risks deserve future action.
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Top Risk Assessment

Following initial identification of risks through Rapid Risk Assessment, a detailed Top Risk Assessment takes a closer look at the most material events by collecting more data about the risk drivers to provide a more accurate view of risk.

Capability Overview

Risks that are material to the business warrant a deeper analysis and understanding of the risk drivers, before determining the most effective treatment options.

  • Collect the additional data points required for in-depth analysis.
  • Accurately assess the loss exposure.
  • Communicate top risks to the business and the board.
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Risk Treatment Analysis

Once top risks are thoroughly understood, organizations can use Risk Treatment Analysis to evaluate which controls options are most effective, to optimize both spending and risk exposure. Users can evaluate which control options are most effective in reducing risk to an acceptable level.

Capability Overview

There are many ways to reduce risk. Find out which option gives you the biggest bang for the buck.

  • Quickly evaluate which control options reduce risk the most.
  • Assess which controls can get risk below your risk tolerance level.
  • Conduct cost-benefit analyses to calculate ROI.
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Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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