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The FAIR™ Standard

RiskLens is the only enterprise software platform purpose-built on FAIR - the internationally recognized standard by The Open Group for risk quantification.


Uncovering Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR)

The open standard for quantifying and managing risk in any organization.

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An Open Standard

FAIR is a standard risk taxonomy and risk quantification model by The Open Group, a global standards consortium, that can express cyber risk in financial terms.

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A Common Language

Without a standard model for risk, security and risk teams struggle to communicate to each other and the business. FAIR solves this problem.

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An Enterprise Model

FAIR analyses scale for any risk factors, applies to information and operational risk, and integrates with Enterprise Risk Management.


A Quick Look at the FAIR Movement

The FAIR model is sparking a revolution in cyber risk management. More than 10,000 cyber and operational risk professionals have found their way to FAIR via the FAIR Institute, where they can continue to learn more about the model, share best practices and network with peers.

A Common Risk Language


Translating cyber risk into the language of business.
  • Speak in one language concerning your cyber risk. 
  • Apply risk assessments to any object or asset.
  • View enterprise cyber risk in totality.
  • Challenge and defend cyber risk decisions using an advanced risk model.
  • Complete your current risk framework with a standard risk taxonomy and analysis model. 

The FAIR Institute: Home of FAIR

  • Dedicated to spread the awareness and knowledge of the FAIR model with security and risk professionals, academia, industry associations, standards organizations, regulators and government institutions.
  • Set up to facilitate the sharing of best practices among executives and practitioners via events and the FAIR Conference, local chapters, study groups and online forums.
  • Committed to facilitating high-quality networking and member engagement and to connecting members with qualified FAIR solution providers.

RiskLens’ Relationship to the FAIR Institute

RiskLens is the original author of FAIR and the founder and technical advisor of the FAIR Institute, an expert non-profit organization led by CIROs, CISOs and business executives to develop standard risk management knowledge and operational best practices based on FAIR.

Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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