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Board & Business Executives

When it comes to overseeing cyber security program effectiveness, setting a cyber risk appetite, or understanding effects of cyber risk on financial performance, qualitative reporting won't cut it. With RiskLens, Board and Business Executives can see top organizational risks, evaluate the impact of investments against those risks, and track risk reduction over time against clearly defined objectives previously impossible using qualitative risk management.

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Demand Better Visibility into Cyber Risk

Understand the potential financial impact of cyber events and assess risk scenarios across the business, giving you better visibility into cyber risk factors.
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Cyber Risk = Business Risk

With RiskLens, understand the potential business impact of cyber events in financial terms to aid in critical business decisions and digital initiatives.

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Define Risk Appetite Clearly

Provide explicit guidance to management and the security teams on what levels of loss exposure is acceptable and build effective security programs.

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Justify Investments

With RiskLens, investments are justified based on their capacity to cost-effectively reduce risk to an acceptable level.

Change the Discussion Around Cybersecurity

With RiskLens, executive teams are able to gain a level of business visibility once thought of as impossible. In a short amount of time, you’ll be able to see top risks to the organization, evaluate the impact of investments against those risks, and track risk reduction over time against clearly defined objectives.

Provide Explicit Guidance

Make risk objectives clear in financial terms – which is a language that the business already understands. Additionally, monitor how your company is performing against risk objectives over time with confidence that cyber risk assessments are based on FAIR™, an internationally recognized open standard.

Ensure Cybersecurity Spending Aligns to Business Risk

Go beyond industry benchmark comparisons which tell you little about your organization’s unique needs. Demand visibility into your organizations’ current cyber loss exposure and request insights into what it would take to reduce risk to an acceptable level. Evaluate alternative investment strategies and see which strategy best meets desired risk goals.

An Executive's Guide to Cyber Risk Economics

Three time CISO and creator of the FAIR model which makes cyber risk quantification a reality, Jack Jones provides a high-level introduction to managing cyber risk from the business perspective. You’ll learn how the FAIR model powers cost-effective analysis for security initiatives on par with other forms of Enterprise Risk Management.

Get the Insights

Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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