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Combining our platform, capabilities, and services into flexible offerings all built on FAIR™, RiskLens delivers a range of outcomes based on the maturity and priorities of large enterprises and government organizations.


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A Managed Service for Faster, Easier FAIR Cyber Risk Quantification

Savvy CISOs know by now: understanding and communicating cyber risk in financial terms based on cyber risk quantification (CRQ) and FAIR is the direction the profession is moving. However, many face limited budgets, in-house expertise and time to apply the necessary effort and rigor to get it right.

Risk Landscape ClarityRiskLens Pro is an easy and affordable managed service that helps organizations quickly define, assess and communicate cyber risks in financial terms, with no in-house expertise or significant time commitment necessary. RiskLens Pro is the perfect starting point for CISOs and their teams to quickly gain the benefits of cyber risk quantification without the need for prior expertise or in-house skills.

With RiskLens Pro, companies receive:
  • Quarterly Cyber Risks Reports to define and prioritize your top risks in a particular business unit or threat domain (such as ransomware).
  • Quarterly Cyber Risk Trending Reports to see how your top risks trend quarter to quarter and demonstrate the impact that your cybersecurity program has on reducing them.
  • Quarterly Cost-Benefit Assessments to evaluate the ROI of your top cybersecurity investments and initiatives for reducing risk to improve project prioritization and justify costs.

RiskLens Pro is delivered by our expert risk consultants, leveraging the RiskLens platform and its proprietary industry data to deliver fast, high-quality results, with limited involvement by your teams.

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Risk Quantification for Decision Support at Enterprise Scale

The Enterprise SaaS subscription to the RiskLens platform supports fast, risk-informed decisions at any level of the enterprise, from planning a new digital initiative down to day-to-day audit findings.

Manage Cyber Risk from the Business Perspective

Operational Decision SupportQuantitative cyber risk management is based on a foundation of financial analysis of cyber risk that frames discussion among stakeholders in business terms on par with the rest of enterprise risk management. Understand the aggregate risk the enterprise faces from cyber loss events, compare security initiatives for return on investment (ROI) or cost vs. benefit, set and enforce a risk appetite standard, all through the RiskLens platform.

Prioritize Cybersecurity Initiatives Based on Risk Reduction

RiskLens advanced analytics capabilities evaluate security investments for their effectiveness in reducing loss exposure in dollar terms, not based on simple gap analysis. With the Rapid Risk Assessment capability, your team will quickly rank cyber risks for probable financial exposure to focus their efforts. With the Risk Treatment Analysis capability, they can rapidly game out changes in controls or processes before implementation.

Optimize Overall Cybersecurity Budget

When you onboard the RiskLens SaaS platform, you take the first step to building a quantitative risk management program that will guide your security planning and your budget. Find the most cost-effective controls to meet ongoing regulatory/audit demands. See the true cost/benefit of legacy controls for maintenance of existing systems. Measure the probable loss exposure from a new enterprise-level digital initiative, then choose the right mitigations.

Flexible Adoption with the RiskLens FAIR Enterprise Model (RF-EM)

RF-EM™  sets the industry standard for reliably converting the value of the FAIR™ Model into an enterprise-ready, cybersecurity decision support capability.

Learn More About RF-EM™

Build a Successful Quantitative Cyber Risk Management Program

Learn about some of the drivers moving organizations towards quantitative risk management. Ultimately, RF-EM™ is needed to fully realize effective risk management at the enterprise level.

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Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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