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Combining our platform, capabilities, and services into flexible offerings all built on FAIR™, RiskLens delivers a range of outcomes based on the maturity and priorities of large enterprises and government organizations.


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  • Risk Landscape Clarity
  • Operational Decision Support
  • Strategic Decision Support

The core capability associated with this package is RiskLens Rapid Risk Assessment™, allowing teams to run risk analyses in minutes and produce flexible, customizable reporting that clearly prioritizes risks by probable impact.

Rapidly Identify Top Risks
  • A quantitative, FAIR™️ based rapid risk assessment
  • Identify cybersecurity risks based on potential loss
  • Costs a fraction of consulting firm risk assessments

Analyze your risks, compare and make decisions on risk treatment options, and determine the cost-benefit of investments. In addition to what is included within Risk Landscape Clarity, the core capabilities associated with this package are detailed Top Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment Analysis. 

Focus on Financials
  • Manage cyber risk from the business perspective
  • Communicate top risks in business terms
  • Prioritize cybersecurity initiatives based on risk reduction rate
  • Optimize overall cybersecurity budget

Provide an aggregate portfolio view of risk across business units and report to the board of directors in financial terms. This package includes the features found within Risk Landscape Clarity and Operational Decision Support. 

Top Down View of Cyber Risk
  • Establish a deeper understanding of enterprise risk
  • Receive an aggregate, portfolio view of risk across business units
  • Set key metrics to measure and manage cyber risk
  • Determine overall sensitivity to an array of cyber events

Flexible Adoption with the RiskLens FAIR Enterprise Model (RF-EM)

RF-EM™  sets the industry standard for reliably converting the value of the FAIR™ Model into an enterprise-ready, cybersecurity decision support capability.

Learn More About RF-EM™

Build a Successful Quantitative Cyber Risk Management Program

Learn about some of the drivers moving organizations towards quantitative risk management. Ultimately, RF-EM™ is needed to fully realize effective risk management at the enterprise level.

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Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Discover how to manage cybersecurity risk from the business perspective.


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