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Risk Register Integration

Cyber risk quantification has become a best practice for Integrated Risk Management (IRM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Organizations can increase the strategic value of their IRM/GRC implementations by integrating the RiskLens platform into their risk management workflows.




Why Risk Register Integration?

  • Seamlessly integrate RiskLens CRQ with IRM/GRC
  • Prioritize Risk Register Items by Business Impact
  • Leverage Existing GRC Data to Enhance Assessments

Go beyond the limited risk assessment capabilities of your current GRC/IRM systems and integrate the advanced cyber risk quantification capabilities of the RiskLens platform to better understand and manage cyber and technology risk, along with other forms of risk. Leverage the RiskLens API to integrate with your IRM/GRC system of choice


RiskLens provides the necessary structure – based on the standard FAIRTM risk model – to ensure that risk register entries are properly and consistently defined and quantified in financial terms that make sense to the business.


Leverage the RiskLens API to put your IRM/GRC data to work for RiskLens assessments. Eliminate repetitive data entries by automating the ingestion of data feeds into the RiskLens platform. For instance, if incident response data is logged into your IRM/GRC tool, it can be leveraged to define loss event frequency in RiskLens.


Challenges Addressed by Risk Register Integration:

  • Building a trusted and actionable system of record
  • Prioritizing the Risk Register
  • Using IRM and GRC data in Risk Quantification

Most risk registers have become a dumping ground of poorly defined cyber issues, that do not allow organizations to effectively manage their risk. Leverage RiskLens to build a trusted system of record by consistently and continuously defining, measuring and communicating cyber risk according to the FAIR standard.

Leverage Risklens to scale your cyber risk assessment capabilities and to keep your risk register up to date, so that your organization’s view on top risks is not only accurate but also prioritized based on business impact.

By integrating RiskLens with your risk register, you can easily leverage data from your GRC or IRM application to automate data collection and cyber risk quantification in the RiskLens platform.

How Risk Register Integration Helps Your Role:

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Get visibility into the financial impact of the top cyber risks that your organization faces in the same tools that are used internally to understand and communicate other forms of risk.

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Raise the visibility of cyber risks within your organizations’ reporting and decision-making workflows.

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Risk Analysts

Boost your game by automating data collection and the export of cyber risk assessment results.

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