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Emerging Threat Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of the continually evolving cyber risk landscape and help ensure appropriate prioritization and remediation of new threats.


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Why Emerging Threat Reporting?

  • Identify Emerging Risks
  • Assess Threat Relevance
  • Inform Mitigation Decisions

Understand how emerging threats such as ransomware can turn into loss events for your organization and evaluate their probable financial impact.


Quickly respond to inquiries from the business or the board by assessing whether that new ransomware variant or zero-day vulnerability in the news are true risks for your organization.


Understand the financial loss exposure associated with merging threats for your organization and prioritize risk mitigations accordingly.


Challenges Addressed by Emerging Threat Reporting:

  • Understanding New Cyber and Technology Threats
  • Assessing the Materiality of Emerging Threats
  • Communicating Risk in Financial Terms

Gain clarity around new and emerging threats that matter most to your organization by rapidly and consistently measuring the likelihood and financial impact of each emerging risk.

Understand whether emerging threats are material or not, and help the business decide which of those risks need to be treated or insured and with what degree of urgency.

Respond to Board or business requests for visibility into the probable impact of emerging risks via easy-to-understand, financially oriented reports.

How Emerging Threat Reporting Helps Your Role:

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Evaluate what adjustments to your business strategy or operations may be required in the face of emerging cybersecurity risks.

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Quickly respond to inquiries by the business and the board on the possible relevance of emerging threats for your organizations, in the financial impact terms they understand.

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Risk Analysts

Rapidly and consistently identify and analyze the risk scenarios that are associated with emerging threats with RiskLens’s guided workflow and out-of-the-box benchmark data.

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