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RiskLens Pro Managed Service

RiskLens Pro is an easy and affordable managed cyber risk quantification service that helps organizations quickly define, assess and communicate cyber risks in financial terms, with no in-house expertise or significant time commitment necessary. RiskLens Pro is the perfect starting point for CISOs and their teams to quickly gain the benefits of cyber risk quantification without the need for prior expertise or in-house skills.


Why RiskLens Pro?

  • Unmatched CRQ and FAIR Expertise
  • Critical Reporting Capabilities
  • Validated Use Cases

As the only organization with technology and services purpose-built around CRQ and FAIR, RiskLens brings unparalleled experience and knowledge to every RiskLens Pro engagement. Our consultants have decades of experience in risk management, and many developed their expertise in the earliest days of the FAIR model’s inception.

RiskLens Pro includes best-practice FAIR-based assessment capabilities and reports, developed in cooperation with our clients and delivered quarterly. All reports are in non-technical, business-friendly formats suitable for presentation to the board, executive leadership and other critical stakeholders.

Understand and communicate your risk landscape, evaluate and report on emerging threats, prioritize your cybersecurity roadmap, and more -- always in simple-to-understand business terms, and all before your next board meeting. RiskLens Pro was designed with the most common and valuable risk quantification use cases in mind.

What Can You Accomplish with RiskLens Pro?

  • Report on Risk
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Address the Cyber (Risk) Skills Gap

Report on Risk to the Board, Senior Leadership and Stakeholders

Security leaders need to not only anticipate and prevent threats, but they need to quickly and compellingly make the case for new and increased security initiatives to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape. RiskLens Pro helps you communicate these efforts and priorities in financial terms to not only track and address threats, but also quantify cyber risk.

Make Informed Decisions about Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity decision making requires a quantified view of cyber risk. RiskLens Pro helps organizations identify the top cyber risks to the business and can help demonstrate clear cost-benefits for cybersecurity initiatives.

Address the Cyber (Risk) Skills Gap

CISOs need resources to execute, develop and manage new or existing programs, and to enable CRQ. Resource-constrained organizations of all sizes and industries have come to rely upon RiskLens Pro to bridge the skills gap and achieve the promise of FAIR-based risk management.

RiskLens Pro CRQ Use Cases

Executive Board Reporting Service

RiskLens arms Board and Business Executives with insights into their exposure to cyber risk in financial terms.

Enterprise Top Risk Reporting

Assess your organization’s top cyber risks and communicate them clearly to the business executives and the board of directors in the financial language they understand.

Emerging Threat Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of the continually evolving cyber risk landscape and help ensure appropriate prioritization and remediation of new threats.

Risk Treatment Analysis

Assess and compare risk treatment options and demonstrate the ROI of control investments for reducing cyber risk, something impossible to do with legacy qualitative methods.

Portfolio Management

Understand how your cyber and technology risks are distributed across the enterprise. See the most relevant risks by business unit, region, or evaluate how shared risks compare throughout the enterprise.

Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification

Navigate the tradeoffs on security investments by determining which controls are worth the investment, prioritize and communicate your cybersecurity roadmap, and prioritize resources based on impact to the business and ROI for reducing risk.

Digital Transformation Assessment

Cloud, AI, IoT – Weigh the risks along with the opportunities of digital transformation. Quantify cyber risk in financial terms and determine what security strategy best supports your company’s digital growth initiatives.

How RiskLens Pro Helps Your Role

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Provide a detailed understanding of critical risks across the business in easy-to-understand financial terms, facilitating better risk-informed and financially driven decisions

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Provide security officers detailed understanding of the largest potential cybersecurity threats to inform better treatment decisions.

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Aggregate and trend your risk analyses to report on risk at the scenario, departmental, and enterprise levels and demonstrate the effectiveness of the various risk mitigation options.

Learn More About RiskLens Pro Managed

RiskLens Pro is the perfect starting point for CISOs and their teams to quickly gain the benefits of cyber risk quantification without the need for prior expertise or in-house skills. RiskLens Pro provides:

  • Quarterly Cyber Risk Reports to define and prioritize your top risks in a particular business unit or threat domain (such as ransomware).
  • Quarterly Cyber Risk Trending Reports to see how your top risks trend quarter to quarter and demonstrate the impact that your cybersecurity program has on reducing them.
  • Quarterly Cost-Benefit Assessments to evaluate the ROI of your top cybersecurity investments and initiatives for reducing risk to improve project prioritization and justify costs.

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