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Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification

Cybersecurity teams must navigate the tradeoffs on security investments by determining which controls are worth the investment, and effectively communicate their decisions. Don’t just focus on compliance or the latest threats; prioritize your resources based on their impacts to the business and ROI for reducing risk.


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Why Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification?

  • Cost-Effectively prioritize cybersecurity initiatives
  • Optimize cybersecurity budget
  • Demonstrate cybersecurity return on investment

Build programs that prioritize cybersecurity initiatives based on business impact versus relying  merely on experience or industry checklists.


Right-size your budget and make the case for the need to invest more in cyber to achieve your organization’s risk targets. Or confidently cut security initiatives that no longer bring sufficient value and reallocate those savings elsewhere. 


Justify the value of cybersecurity investments by comparing risk reduction with associated costs, and evaluate which controls provide the biggest risk reduction per dollar invested.


Challenges Addressed by Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification:

  • Aligning Security Initiatives
  • Prioritizing Security Investments
  • Resolving Risk Communication Issues

Cybersecurity teams today prioritize and communicate their security initiatives by aligning to an existing controls framework and any relevant regulatory requirements. However, they fail to incorporate any notion of business value or impact and do not yield effective programs.

By assessing risk in financial terms, security teams are armed with a roadmap for prioritizing their action. They can focus on the controls that are most effective in reducing risk, versus going down the list of industry best practices without knowing how well they will work in their specific business context.

By quantifying and comparing the impact that certain controls can have on risk in financial terms, cybersecurity and business executives can better discuss and evaluate what level of residual risk is acceptable to the business.

How Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification Helps Your Role:

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Understand how and why cyber investment decisions are made, providing insight that security spending is adequate and is being deployed efficiently and effectively in support of the business.

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Be recognized as a true business leader by prioritizing and justifying cybersecurity roadmap initiatives based on their business impact.

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Risk Analysts

Make yourself indispensable by rapidly and consistently conducting cost-benefit analyses and leveraging out-of-the-box reports that executives will want to use to make cost-effective decisions.

See Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification in Action

Hear from our dedicated risk quantification experts on how Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification with RiskLens can help organizations:

  • Understand the effectiveness of controls in reducing cyber risk.
  • Prioritize scarce security resources based on financial impact to the business.
  • Communicate security investment decisions in financial terms.




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