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How do you compare?

Gauge yourself against industry peers today!

In moments, gain insights into your company’s cyber risk compared to your industry with My Cyber Risk Benchmark.

How much risk do we have?

This dreaded question is often followed by “What cyber risks do we face?” All too often security professionals like yourself are left answering with “I don’t know” or asking back “How do we measure the cost of a cyber risk event?”

Your Top Risks Quantified

You can’t answer with “We have Yellow risk” and a heatmap doesn’t answer “How much?”.

My Cyber Risk Benchmark provides you with a boardroom-ready assessment of your company’s top 7 risk themes in financial terms.

We’ve Made Risk Simple

RiskLens, the inventors of Cyber Risk Quantification, have leveraged their years of experience, data science, and research to bring to you the easiest and fastest way to answer how much risk you have.

Compare To Your Industry

Every industry has unique concerns and what may be a top concern for one industry may not be for yours.

Gauge your company against your industry and companies similar to yourself.

Are you ready to answer

"How much risk do we have?"

For a limited time, we’re offering My Cyber Risk Benchmark with an introductory launch price – 50% off your subscription for the life of your contract! Your subscription includes:

Benchmark Comparison Report accordion-open

View a side-by-side snapshot of how your organization’s quantified cyber risk compares to your industry averages across a range of cyber threats.

Fast, Flexible Operation accordion-open

Get a high-level quantified view into your industry’s and organization's top risks with only a few simple inputs, and adjust criteria as needed to view comparisons to other industries.

Automated Risk Calculation accordion-open

Get results aggregated from millions of automated Monte Carlo simulations with a press of a button.

Quarterly Updates accordion-open

See updated results quarterly as we refresh inputs from our sources.

Unlimited Access To Data accordion-open

See comparisons beyond your own industry, with no limit to the number of comparisons.

Export Your Report accordion-open

Communicate your results across your organization or outside with the ability to export and share in social media and via PDF.

Be prepared for your next C-Suite or Board Conversation

Your potential risk & costs per year:

Risk of Attack


Incident MGMT


Lost Revenue


Fines / Judgements


Do these questions sound familiar?

"How do we compare to our industry peers?"

"Are we focused on the right things?"

"Are we doing enough?"

"Are our investments aligned to provide meaningful impact?"

Unfortunately, qualitative assessments alone won’t help you answer these questions. Nor guide you to better decisions. But risk, measured in financial terms, allows you to clearly articulate the impact of a cyber security incident.

My Cyber Risk Benchmark

Clearly compare your company’s top risk themes in financial terms. Allowing you to clearly communicate what is at stake and provide answers to:

What type of events are we likely to have and what does it mean to us?

If a cybersecurity event occurs, how much is at stake?

Are we being effective? what’s the probability of an incident verse the industry?

If we have an event, what type of losses will we incur and how will it occur?

Are your industry peers managing risk better than you?

No Industry or Business is the Same

Every company faces these threats every day, but the probability and impact of these events are unique to your industry and your company. Your industry, company demographics, and your own security posture make you unique.

With My Cyber Risk Benchmark, you can explore the risk for a company just like yours. Or you can explore the risk of tens of thousands of other businesses.

Clearly see how you compare

Based on years of experience, data science, and research we show you how your industry and company stack up against Denial of Service, Insider Error, Insider Misuse, Ransomware, Social Engineering, System Intrusion, and Web Application Attacks.

Let SecurityScorecard measure your security posture

Do you know if you are more or less likely than your industry peers to be susceptible to web application attacks or system intrusions?

We’ve partnered with industry leader SecurityScorecard to measure your security posture. With a free or paid SecuirtyScorecard account, you can use their outside-in view to measure your security posture.

Based on their trusted, transparent ratings methodology and data collected on millions of organizations we assess the impact on the probability your company has to cyber events verse your industry.

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