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Digital Transformation Assessment

Cloud, AI, IoT – Weigh the risks along with the opportunities of digital transformation. Quantify cyber risk in financial terms and determine what security strategy best supports your company digital growth initiatives.


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Why Digital Transformation Assessment?

  • Assess Digital Transformation Risk
  • Evaluate Digital Risk Management Options
  • Empower Risk-Informed Decision-Making

Whether your company is considering migrating to the cloud, adopting IoT, or preparing to use AI to enhance its product offerings, it is important to understand how the proposed change impacts your risk landscape and what you can do about it.


Different security architectures can provide varying levels of security for your new digital initiatives, and at different costs. Evaluate the impact of each architecture element (tools, processes, resources) on risk against the impact on usability and the implementation cost.


Help business leaders understand the risks associated with the new digital initiatives and provide them with the best risk mitigation options. Empower your business leaders to evaluate trade-offs and make risk-informed decisions, with reports that speak the financial, non-technical language that business leaders can understand and use.


Challenges Addressed by Digital Transformation Assessment:

  • Quickly Assessing Risks Related to New Digital Initiatives
  • Determining Cost-Effective Ways to Secure Digital Initiatives
  • Understanding Cloud Risk

It is critical for organizations to proactively manage the risks associated with new digital initiatives and their impact on the existing ecosystem, and to provide that insight in a timely and easy-to-consume manner, for better, risk-informed decisions.

To support digital transformation, companies must ensure they are effectively mitigating the risks associated with infrastructure and technical decisions, balancing risk with cost effectiveness to optimally deliver new services.

Cloud computing comes with significant benefits, but also the potential for new security and privacy concerns. A detailed quantitative analysis of the changes to risk is critical to carefully and strategically determine how to move or secure cloud workloads, and to understand the potential impact to a company's risk exposure.

How Digital Transformation Assessment Helps Your Role:

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Strengthen your digital growth initiatives by getting a detailed understanding of your critical digital transformation risks and of the possible risk mitigation options in easy-to-understand financial terms.

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Get a seat at the business table by helping the business understand the risks associated with digital growth and by providing alternative risk mitigation options of varying ROI so they can decide what options support the business the best.

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Risk Analysts

Measure the risk of digital transformation efforts quickly and easily. Report on cyber risk and demonstrate the potential effectiveness of the various risk treatment options in financial terms.

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