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Cyber Risk Analysts

Business leaders want to talk about cyber risk in dollars. RiskLens allows risk analysts to assess and report on cyber risk across the enterprise in scalable financial terms, previously impossible using qualitative risk management.

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Identify, Quantify and Prioritize Cyber Risks with FAIR™️

FAIR has emerged as the most widely adopted open standard for cyber risk analysis. RiskLens has purpose-built the leading enterprise-grade cyber risk management platform based on the FAIR standard to make it quick and easy to perform analyses.
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Leverage Standardized Cyber Risk Assessments

Benefit from a globally recognized standard risk taxonomy and analytics model for assessing cyber and technology risk and defend your results consistently and with ease.

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Quantify Cyber Risk in Financial Terms

Measure and communicate about risk in a financial language to engage stakeholders and enable business-aligned decision making.

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Scale Your Risk Assessments

Aggregate your risk analyses to report on risk at scenario, departmental and enterprise levels and demonstrate the effectiveness of the various risk mitigation options.

Assess and Communicate Cyber Risk

RiskLens provides a comprehensive solution from risk identification, risk quantification and prioritization through evaluation of the various mitigating controls, decision-making and reporting to the various stakeholders.

Quantify Risk in Financial Terms

RiskLens allows you to quantify risk in financial terms, a language that business leaders understand, through a simple guided workflow. Additionally, get buy-in from business stakeholders by giving them unprecedented visibility into their risks and by allowing them to make better business and security decisions.

Scale Your Risk Assessments

RiskLens’ enterprise-grade risk assessment capabilities allow you to seamlessly combine and compare risk analyses, so you can aggregate risks at a departmental or an enterprise level, show how they are trending over time and evaluate which controls are most effective in reducing risk.

Case Study: Risk Team Finds the Best Data Protection Solution Based on ROI

Learn how a risk team utilized RiskLens’ cyber risk quantification platform and FAIR  to understand their current state of risk and analyze the potential risk reduction associated with a technology refresh.

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Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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