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Cyber Risk Services

RiskLens encompasses services experts who have built, trained, enabled and executed a vast array of quantitative cyber risk management programs and projects. Leading proof of value and pilots to ensure organizations can realize value, these services experts are part of every subscription and package.



Client On-Boarding Services

  • Platform Training
  • Platform On-Boarding
  • Initial Quick Win Project

Led by the World's Most Experienced Trainers

The RiskLens Analyst Platform Training course provides the foundational skill set to conduct risk assessments using the RiskLens platform based on the FAIR™ standard for risk quantification. In addition to the features and functions of the platform, the learning experience will cover the essential processes and recommended best practices, derived from the RiskLens professional services team’s experience with Fortune 1000 clients across industries. **FAIR Fundamentals training or equivalent experience is a prerequisite and Open FAIR™ certification is recommended. Click here to learn more about FAIR Training.

Download Platform Training Course Description

Configure the RiskLens Platform for Enterprise Use

Our service team has worked with hundreds of Fortune 1000 organizations on their pathway to developing enterprise wide, quantified cyber risk programs. Every new RiskLens platform deployment includes platform on-boarding to help configure the platform to your specific needs.

Providing Instant RiskLens Value

With every new RiskLens Platform deployment, we include an initial “quick win project” which provides instant value to your organization and helps to ignite the imagination around how much more is possible. Typically, this initial project entails a deep dive analysis on the top 3 risks facing your organization.

Build a Quantified Risk Management Program

Our approach to helping you build a quantified risk management program is holistic. We break down program development into five key areas of focus, each of which forms the basis for near and long-term success.



We help you identify program goals, roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders throughout the organization and identify dependencies for success across the organization to achieve clarity, focus and get everyone on the same page.



We conduct training, education, and awareness courses on the FAIR standard and the RiskLens Platform to benefit from cyber risk quantification, from the executive suite that will use results to make better decisions to the risk analysts doing the analysis.



As we onboard the RiskLens platform, which is the technology foundation for your program, we work to configure the software to your unique environment and to build out rich data libraries which will aide in the automation of cyber risk analyses.



We help you to identify your Crown Jewels, your top risk scenarios to build a baseline of your risk landscape, as well as the decision-making processes that will benefit from quantitative risk assessments. We teach you how to run those assessments or conduct them for you, if that’s what you prefer.



RiskLens is a long term partner for your success. We help you to establish financially oriented risk appetite statements, show you how to continually monitor and report on changes to your risk posture, and establish ongoing success measurements.

Strategic and Tactical Risk Analyses



Finding value from your RiskLens platform deployment happens in as little as a few days. We offer a number of Enablement Services designed to show you how to run strategic and tactical risk analyses that can help you drive better day to day decision making, including:

  • Risk reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Board reporting
  • Cost benefit analyses
  • Comparative analyses

Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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