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Risk Treatment Analysis

Risk Treatment Analysis allows organizations to assess and compare risk treatment options, and demonstrate the ROI of controls investments for reducing cyber risk, something impossible to do with outdated qualitative methods.


Secure Digital Initiatives and Maximize Budgets

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Run Cost-Benefit Analysis on Security Controls

Cyber risk quantification with the FAIR™️ standard on the RiskLens platform estimates risk reduction in financial terms, for easy comparison to security investment costs. Result: cyber ROI.

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Compare Options for Value in Risk Reduction

With reliable ROI figures in hand, choices between risk mitigation options become clear, enabling you to optimize your controls investment decisions for maximum risk impact.

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Communicate Tradeoffs To Decision Makers

Reporting generated by the RiskLens platform shows results and comparisons in the financial, non-technical language that decision-makers want to see.

Benefits of the Risk Treatment Analysis

  • Utilize Services Team as a Guide
  • Work on a Scalable Platform
  • Generate Reporting Tuned to Your Needs

Utilize Services Team as a Guide

The RiskLens services team is the most experienced in the world at set-up and training for a FAIR program. Our experts will facilitate collection of data from your organization and industry sources to fuel analyses, help you establish an initial set of treatment options for comparative analysis, and train you on the workflow for Risk Treatment Analysis on the platform. Our goal is to empower you to run a self-sufficient quantitative risk management program.

Work on a Scalable Platform

The RiskLens platform is purpose-built to run FAIR analysis and is in use at many Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies for risk-based decision-making. The platform provides guided workflows and analysis draws on data (covering frequency and impact of cyber loss events) from your security ecosystem and your industry, in handy re-usable formats that greatly reduce time-to-results from analyses.

Generate Reporting Tuned to Your Needs

Reporting output from analyses summarizes results in easy-to-digest financial analytics and charts clearly showing in financial terms comparisons among risk treatment options for effect on risk exposure. Results may be plotted against risk tolerance or other metrics of your choice. You can run comparative analyses to model the relative effects of increasing, rebalancing or eliminating controls or security processes.

Use Cases for Risk Treatment Analysis By Role

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Understand how and why cyber investment decisions are made, providing insight that security spending is being deployed efficiently and effectively.

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Navigate the difficult tradeoffs within security investments, such as determining the true costs of maintaining legacy systems, informing and supporting their program roadmap.

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Demonstrate results and comparisons in the financial, non-technical language that decision-makers want to see.


Webinar: Learn about RiskLens Risk Treatment Analysis for Cost-Effective Decision-Making

In this webinar, discover which controls are worth investing in and determine which treatment options are going to reduce risk the most relative to their cost. The result is a clear picture of which option most cost effectively meets your needs, with reporting in financial terms to decision makers.

Watch the Webinar

Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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