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Enterprise Top Risk Reporting

Assess your organization’s top cyber risks and communicate them clearly to the business executives and the board of directors in the financial language they understand.


Enterprise Top Risks Reporting

Why Enterprise Top Risk Reporting?

  • Accurately Assess Material Risks
  • Clearly Communicate Top Risks to the Business and Board
  • Aggregate cyber risk in terms that are useful

Confidently analyze your organization’s top risk scenarios using FAIR, the only global standard cyber quantification model, knowing that your results will be transparent and defensible.


Presenting cyber risk from the financial and business perspective allows the business executives and the board to make better, risk-informed, and cost-effective decisions.


Leverage RiskLens’ unique aggregation capabilities to present cyber risk in categories that make sense to the various stakeholders: from strategic business risk categories for the board to project-related risk categories for operations and risk management.


Challenges Addressed by Enterprise Top Risk Reporting:

  • Understanding Top Cyber and Technology Risks
  • Identifying Concentrations of Cyber Risk
  • Comparing and Prioritizing Top Risks

Gain clarity around the risks that matter most to your organization with a fast-paced, efficient way to identify and prioritize risk to drive business decisions within your organization. Use guided cyber risk quantification workflows, out-of-the-box benchmark data, and built-in reporting features to quickly and consistently measure each risk's likelihood and financial impact.

Zero in on the areas of the business with the biggest loss exposure that require more attention. Gain additional insight to compare risk across broad categories, assess which concentrations of loss are driving your risk the most, or dive deeper into specific scenarios of interest.

Compare risks to one another in an easily digestible way that resonates with a non-technical audience: dollars and cents. Compare risk concerns “apples to apples” and help ensure effective risk-based decisions.

How Enterprise Top Risk Reporting Helps Your Role:

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Factor in cyber risk associated with critical business functions or new digital transformation initiatives and choose the optimum security option that balances your desire to grow the business while protecting the organization.

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Become a key partner to the business and the board, by providing them with clear visibility into cyber risk and allowing them to effectively exercise their cyber risk governance obligations.

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Risk Analysts

Elevate your profile within your organization by quickly and consistently providing cyber risk analyses that matter to the business and that can be easily defended.

See Enterprise Top Risk Reporting in Action

Hear from our dedicated risk quantification experts on how Top Risk Reporting with RiskLens can help organizations:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of their organization’s cyber and technology risk landscape.
  • Understand the financial impact of the most relevant risks to drive the prioritization of key concerns.
  • Effectively communicate cybersecurity and technology risks to the business and Board in financial terms, a language understood by all.




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