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RiskLens Enterprise

Assess your organization’s risk landscape, prioritize mitigation efforts, and evaluate risk treatment options in financial terms. The RiskLens Enterprise SaaS platform makes cyber risk quantification fast and simple through innovations such as guided workflows, an automated analytics engine and embedded benchmark data. Integrate with existing sources of truth to drive consistent and efficient analyses, generate reports identifying the organization’s top risks for loss exposure in minutes, and perform detailed risk assessments in hours, not weeks.

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Why RiskLens Enterprise?

  • Purpose-Built Around FAIR
  • Validated Use Cases
  • Empirical Risk Data

Deliver logical, defensible and actionable quantified results with rigorous FAIR calculations and workflows. As the creators of the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) standard, RiskLens purpose-built its SaaS platform around FAIR, the only open and independently vetted cyber risk quantification model in the industry.

Understand and communicate your risk landscape, evaluate and report on emerging threats, prioritize your cybersecurity roadmap, and more -- always in simple-to-understand business terms, and all before your next board meeting. RiskLens Enterprise was designed with the most common and valuable risk quantification use cases in mind.

Base your analysis on an empirical starting point. RiskLens offers validated, appropriate data, aggregated insights, and empirical industry knowledge to streamline the risk analysis process and improve defensibility. Data can be centrally collected, stored, and managed within the RiskLens application, and accessed and updated by other applications using the RiskLens APIs.

What Can You Accomplish with RiskLens Enterprise?

  • Streamline Scenario Modeling
  • Focus Analysis on What Matters
  • Simplify Data Management

Drive consistency into your risk analyses with the intuitive scenario modeling interface within RiskLens Enterprise. Use the simple, guided workflow to select the asset, threat, effect, and appropriate loss data set from your RiskLens libraries. The dynamic RiskLens scenario workshop will automatically filter questions to only include those applicable to your scenario scope, saving you time and effort and enforcing consistency of definition and process.

Create tailored risk views that reflect your business structure, stakeholder interests, reporting requirements, or other priorities.

Centrally collect, store, and manage asset, threat, and risk data that feed your analyses. Automatically reanalyze risk scenarios based on changes to your cybersecurity posture, and quickly reuse your most relevant data to analyze emerging risks.

Technology-Enabled CRQ Use Cases

Enterprise Top Risk Reporting

Assess your organization’s top cyber risks and communicate them clearly to the business executives and the board of directors in the financial language they understand.

Emerging Threat Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of the continually evolving cyber risk landscape and help ensure appropriate prioritization and remediation of new threats.

Risk Treatment Analysis

Assess and compare risk treatment options and demonstrate the ROI of control investments for reducing cyber risk, something impossible to do with legacy qualitative methods.

Portfolio Management

Understand how your cyber and technology risks are distributed across the enterprise. See the most relevant risks by business unit, region, or evaluate how shared risks compare throughout the enterprise.

Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification

Navigate the tradeoffs on security investments by determining which controls are worth the investment, prioritize and communicate your cybersecurity roadmap, and prioritize resources based on impact to the business and ROI for reducing risk.

Digital Transformation Assessment

Cloud, AI, IoT – Weigh the risks along with the opportunities of digital transformation. Quantify cyber risk in financial terms and determine what security strategy best supports your company’s digital growth initiatives.

Risk Register Integration

Increase the strategic value of IRM and GRC implementations by integrating the RiskLens platform into your risk management workflows.

RiskLens Platform Features

Guided risk assessment workflows

Guided risk assessment workflows

Get automated assistance conducting FAIR assessments

Quantification benchmark data

Quantification benchmark data

Empirical frequency and impact data at your fingertips

Embedded risk quantification engine

Embedded risk quantification engine

Calculate loss exposure and aggregate analysis to evaluate the total combined impact of multiple risk scenarios.

Cyber Risk reporting

Cyber Risk reporting

A variety of report types and formats available out of the box

Portfolio view of risk

Portfolio view of risk

Create multiple risk views tailored to your organization

Integration API

Integration API

Import third-party data and export analyses to your IRM,GRC, and more

How RiskLens Helps Your Role

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Provide a detailed understanding of critical risks across the business in easy-to-understand financial terms, facilitating better risk-informed and financially driven decisions.

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Provide security officers detailed understanding of the largest potential cybersecurity threats to inform better treatment decisions.

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Risk Analysts

Aggregate and trend your risk analyses at will, to report on risk at the scenario, departmental, and enterprise levels and demonstrate the effectiveness of the various risk mitigation options.

See RiskLens Enterprise in Action

Let our experts walk you through all of the benefits and capabilities of our SaaS platform, including the ability to rapidly define, assess and prioritize your top risks, compare treatment options, measure your ROI for reducing risk, and produce actionable reporting.


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