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Challenges Managing Cyber Risk

Quantitative cyber risk management is the next evolution in enterprise technology risk and security. Created with digitally-driven organizations in mind, quantitative cyber risk management helps organizations manage cyber risk from the business perspective.


Qualitative Risk Assessments are Falling Short

Legacy approaches to cyber risk management fail to inform the business of potential financial risks.

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Risk Ratings Are Unreliable

Qualitative assessments based on "high-medium-low" are directional at best and pit one analyst’s word against another. And risk scores 1-10 or 300-850 still can't tell you how much risk you have.

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Compliant is Not Risk Aware

Organizations will always have gaps in their compliance with cybersecurity frameworks and standards, such as the popular NIST-CSF and ISO27005. More boxes checked do not automatically mean less risk.

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Total Protection is Impossible

Dynamic threat environments demand prioritized responses — and that starts with a focus on the highest business risks. Companies need to focus their limited resources on what matters most.

The Emergence of New Cybersecurity Risks

A host of new and evolving cybersecurity threats have the information security industry on high alert.

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Digital Transformation Risks

Cybersecurity risk, third-party risk, business continuity risk, data privacy risk and other forms of digital risk add to the uncertainty of achieving business objectives.

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Increasing Cyber Attacks

When one incident can lead to millions of dollars in losses in months, cyber risk has become a source of major concern for business executives and corporate boards.

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Failing Management Practices

Executives must provide guidance to management and security teams on what levels of loss exposure is acceptable for various forms of loss in order to build effective security programs.

RiskLens Sets the New Standard for Effective Cyber Risk Management

RiskLens is the leading provider of cyber risk quantification software that helps business executives achieve digital resiliency by managing cyber risk from the business perspective.

RiskLens pioneered cyber risk quantification by building its solutions from the ground up on FAIR™, the only international standard quantitative model for cybersecurity and operational risk.

RiskLens’ solutions are purpose-built to solve the pervasive challenges that exist in merging financial, operational, and IT security data to deliver improved analytics, reduce cyber risk, and sustain business value.

eBook: An Executive's Guide to Cyber Risk Economics

Three time CISO and creator of the FAIR model, Jack Jones provides a high-level introduction to managing cyber risk from the business perspective. You’ll learn how the FAIR model powers analysis for cost-effective security initiatives on par with other forms of Enterprise Risk Management.

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Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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