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Justify, prioritize and manage the cybersecurity investment decisions and risks that accompany digital growth and transformation with RiskLens’ industry leading quantitative cyber risk management products and services.


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Run high-level risk analyses in minutes to rapidly quantify the possible loss exposure and determine which risk scenarios are most significant and which ones represent very little risk.

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Perform more detailed analyses on the most material risks to provide an accurate picture of probable loss exposure.

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Compare and contrast risk treatment options to achieve the best return on cybersecurity investments.

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RiskLens Pro

RiskLens Pro is an easy and affordable managed service that helps organizations to quickly define, assess and communicate cyber risks in financial terms, with no in-house expertise or significant time commitment necessary.

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RiskLens Enterprise

The Enterprise SaaS subscription to the RiskLens platform supports fast, risk-informed decisions at any level of the enterprise, from prioritizing across major new cybersecurity initiatives down to day-to-day audit findings.

Our Platform

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Built to simplify, accelerate and scale the adoption of FAIR™, enabling agile cyber risk management through scalable data management, applied risk modeling, reporting and open APIs.

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This enforces the proper definition of risk scenarios, and accurately guides analysts through the risk quantification and assessment process.

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Various types of industry data are embedded in the platform to accelerate data gathering and analysis.

Services That Meet Your Needs

RiskLens partners with you to build your quantitative risk management program. We've helped hundreds of the world's largest organizations design, implement and refine their cyber risk management program via proven best practices and personalized professional services engagements.

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FAIR™ Training and Certifications

RiskLens is the leader in training security professionals on the FAIR™️ standard. To support you in this journey, we’ve developed the RiskLens Academy.

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RiskLens RF-EM

The RiskLens FAIR Enterprise Model (RF-EM) extends the FAIR standard for enterprise adoption, through a set of product and services capabilities, supporting companies at various levels of maturity and business needs.

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The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Understanding Cyber Risk Quantification

Sort through the noise and misconceptions in the marketplace surrounding cyber risk quantification, and understand what features are essential to the success of your cyber risk management program

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Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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Ultimate Buyers Guide to Understanding Cyber Risk Quantification

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Making It Easier and Faster to Optimize Your Cybersecurity Budget

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Overcome Challenges in Adopting FAIR™ and Quantitative Risk Management

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