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Underneath it all...

By: john.coleman

by: Jack Jones

Many times when I’ve been in a debate with someone about qualitative vs. quantitative superiority, something like the following dialog takes place:

Me: When you use the term “Medium Risk”, what do you mean?

Them: Well, the event is only moderately likely and/or would only have moderate effect.

Me: When you say “moderately likely”, what does that mean?

Them: It could happen, but not too often, or it isn’t certain.

Me: By “not too often”, do you mean a couple of times a year? Every other year? Something like that?

Them: Yeah, maybe something like that.

Me: Aren’t those quantitative values?

Them: ....

It gets even more fun when we start talking about impact.

The bottom line is that I have yet to run into someone who isn’t thinking quantitatively even when they’re applying qualitative terms. They just don’t realize (or admit) it.

Just sayin’...

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