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Cybersecurity Prioritization & Justification

Cybersecurity teams must navigate the tradeoffs on security investments by determining which controls are worth the investment, and effectively communicate their decisions. Don’t just focus on compliance or the latest threats; prioritize your resources based on their impacts to the business and ROI for reducing risk.


Challenges with the Status Quo

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Aligning Security Initiatives

Cybersecurity teams today prioritize and communicate their security initiatives by aligning to an existing controls framework and any relevant regulatory requirements. However, they fail to incorporate any notion of business value or impact and do not yield effective programs.

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Prioritization Challenges

By assessing risk in financial terms, teams are armed with a roadmap for prioritizing a response. They can tackle the areas that represent the biggest risk to the firm first. Current approaches that rely on existing controls and frameworks often make it difficult to gain business buy-in.

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Communication Issues

Executives must provide guidance to management and security teams on what levels of loss exposure is acceptable for various forms of loss in order to build effective security programs.

Make Better Cybersecurity Decisions and Communicate More Effectively

Organizations can optimize cybersecurity budgets by identifying which options provide the largest cost reductions while minimizing the impact to risk exposure.

Optimize Cybersecurity Budgets While Minimizing Risk Exposure


Prioritize and Communicate your Roadmap
Cybersecurity teams are faced with a myriad of investment decisions and tradeoffs regularly. A consistent, programmatic and defensible approach to making decisions and setting the program roadmap significantly aids in both managing and communicating their program effectively. RiskLens, through quantitative cyber risk management, provides the foundation for analytical and business-oriented decisions and programs.

Responsibly Shift or Reduce Investments
RiskLens gives you a structure to strategize on budget shifts and reduction while minimizing the impacts on risk. You can assess your controls for risk reduction effectiveness – and use the platform to run comparative analyses, modeling scenarios to remove controls or change how they are implemented to see an effect on loss exposure.

Communicate Tradeoffs in Financial Terms
The reporting you’ll get from RiskLens is always in a financial language that business decision-makers understand, with loss exposure shown in dollar terms – no technical speak or “trust me I’m an expert.” You’ll clearly present investment vs. risk tradeoffs as scenarios in line with norms of enterprise risk reporting and broader business decision making.

The Expansive Value of Quantitative Cyber Risk Management

Providing Instant RiskLens Value


Scalable Platform
Purpose-built on FAIR, the RiskLens platform integrates quantitative risk analytics, guided workflows, industry specific data, and data from your security ecosystem into a unified platform built specifically to support cybersecurity and risk-based decisions.

Integrated Industry Data
Our platform comes with risk scenarios ready for analysis, covering cyber threats and loss events top-of-mind for CISOs. With your data logs and our library of industry data, your risk analysts can show your risk landscape with speed and clarity. They often discover insights about risk exposure and tradeoffs right away. 

Risk Reporting
Reports are created quickly so that your organization can immediately use them for decision support and communication. Intuitive and customizable, they can be used to summarize top risks, compare against different thresholds and aggregate findings. Reports are always presented in financial terms in ranges, so decision makers get the clearest view of their options.

Making It Easier and Faster to Optimize Your Cybersecurity Budget

With FAIR and RiskLens, CISOs can make spending prioritization and budget decisions based on a financial understanding of cyber risk–and get the data they need to support those decisions, faster and easier than ever before.

Discover More About Optimizing Your Budget

Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Ask our team of cyber risk experts how we can help you quickly launch a FAIR™ standard CRQ program at your organization.


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