Operational Decision Support

Manage Cyber Risk from the Business Perspective.

For far too long, decisions related to prioritizing and justifying cybersecurity initiatives have been left to 'gut feel.' Billions have been invested across the industry without a true understanding of the bottom line impact to risk reduction. This is why many enterprise security environments have "one of everything," and literally dozens if not hundreds of vendors involved.

Through cyber risk quantification based on the FAIR™ standard, RiskLens brings an end to the dark ages of decision-making in cybersecurity. Through a quantified and financially oriented understanding of cyber risk, RiskLens' Operational Decision Support solution allows you manage cyber risk from the business perspective by communicating about your top risks in business terms, prioritizing cybersecurity initiatives based on their effectiveness in reducing risk, evaluating the risk associated with key third-party vendors, and optimizing your cybersecurity budget.

Communicate Risks in Business Terms

Analyze your top risks in depth and translate the impact of threats and vulnerabilities into probable financial losses, a language that everybody in the business understands.

Effectively Prioritize Security Initiatives

In a context of infinite threats and vulnerabilities and of finite resources and limited time, RiskLens provides the ability to prioritize your security initiatives based on their effectiveness in reducing risk.

Improve Decision Making

RiskLens allows you to conduct cost-benefit analyses that compare and contrast risk treatment options and help you achieve the best return on your cybersecurity investments.

Assess Top Risks in Business Terms

Stop talking to the business about threats and vulnerabilities in technical terms that they do not understand. Get a seat at the business table and answer the questions the business really cares about. Shed light on questions such as – “How much risk do we have?” or “What are our top risks?” – in the financial language they understand.

Whether you conducted a Top Risk Identification workshop or already have specific top risk scenarios that you want to dive deeply into, RiskLens can help. With Operational Decision Support, RiskLens helps you conduct detailed, quantitative analysis of each risk scenario. This quantitative analysis allows you to assess how much loss exposure your organization is facing, where it is concentrated, what forms of loss your organization is experiencing (ex.: productivity, response costs, fines & judgement, reputation,..), what threat actors are driving risk the most and other facets of risk.

Prioritize Security Initiatives

Threats and vulnerabilities are never ending. Time and money aren’t.

Effective risk management requires prioritizing your risk mitigation initiatives based on their business impact. Traditional qualitative risk assessments and best-practice checklists (including NIST-CSF) cannot do that.

Stretch your organization’s resources and provide the business with the most cost-effective risk mitigation options as RiskLens measures their effectiveness in reducing financial loss exposure. Help your organization focus on what matters most: double down on what works and ditch what doesn’t.

Improve Decision Making

You are faced with a large number of decisions regarding your cyber risk management strategy including security investments, recruiting, process improvements, etc. Stop guessing and adopt a proven, repeatable model for effective decision-making.

RiskLens allows for cost-benefit analysis and comparisons among risk mitigation options, uncovering the amount of risk reduced against the cost of the option in question. RiskLens is a decision support platform for your security investments, something you’ve never had before.

Is it worth spending $1m on this initiative or not? Only a quantitative view into cyber risk can answer this question with confidence, especially when questioned by the CFO.

Enabling Success through Professional Services Support

Avoid wasting precious company resources working with big name consulting firms that deliver risk assessments of little value and of high cost. What you typically get are a few
semi-annual assessments delivered by their consultants who use qualitative methods to analyze risk or inaccurate and inefficient tools that generate non-actionable or questionable results.

RiskLens' Professional Services consultants have the world's deepest experience in helping Global 2000 companies build quantitative risk management programs from the ground up, cost-effectively.

Our Operational Decision Support solution includes the following services beyond the subscription to the RiskLens software: training around the FAIR model, onboarding of the RiskLens platform and a multi-week Top Risk Assessment.

These services help you not only get quick value by quantifying your top risk scenarios in depth, they train you for success in repeating these assessments on your own.

"FAIR is a quantifiable, repeatable methodology that has a proven model behind it that is actually relevant to our business...we can actually articulate risk and threat likelihood and consequences, it gets us in a good position as a trusted adviser to the board."

Grant Bourzikas, CISO at McAfee

"When virtually every aspect of the business is quantitative...having the CISO give red/yellow/green heat maps is debilitating to decision-making."

Jack Jones, Creator of FAIR and Co-Founder at RiskLens

"If CISOs push back on quantifying potential loss, I find that unacceptable as a board director. CISOs need to advance."

James Lam, Director, E*Trade

"I think that FAIR is just a phenomenal program for being able to develop a consistent and rigorous methodology to reason about and measure and mitigate your cyber risk."

Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO at RSA

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