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Cyber Risk Management Platform

Purpose-built on the FAIR™️ standard and RiskLens FAIR Enterprise Model (RF-EM), the RiskLens platform integrates advanced quantitative risk analytics and best-practice risk assessment and reporting workflows with industry specific data and data from your security ecosystem, into one unified platform built specifically for business-oriented CISOs and CIROs.


A Scalable Quantitative Risk Management Platform

The RiskLens SaaS platform is the easiest and most effective way to establish and scale a FAIR-based cyber risk management program at the enterprise level.

How does the RiskLens Platform Work?

Model Your Environment

Model Your Environment

Assets, relevant threat communities, controls.

Develop Risk Scenarios

Develop Risk Scenarios

Apply data regarding threat activity, control conditions, forms of loss.

Quickly Triage Scenarios

Quickly Triage Scenarios

Based on their significance and prioritize those that require further analysis.

Run Simulations

Run Simulations

Calculate loss exposure with Monte Carlo simulations and run sensitivity analysis to identify areas for improvement.

Generate Risk Analytics Reports

Generate Risk Analytics Reports

Annual loss exposure, loss exceedance, top risks, forms of loss, cost-benefit.

Manage Your Risk Portfolio

Manage Your Risk Portfolio

Track loss exposure over time and proactively manage your organization’s risk.

Advanced Computational Engine


The RiskLens computational engine uses Monte Carlo simulations to calculate the loss exposure of modeled risk scenarios. This technique allows for the variance in the input data entered with betaPERT distributions to be considered, so that the full breadth of the probable losses is explored.

  • Explore the full scope of an enterprise analysis.
  • Aggregate loss exposure is available for the entire enterprise or by department, asset, and threat community.
  • Ascertain where loss exposure is concentrated across your organization.

Risk Modeling

RiskLens has tackled the complexity of effectively analyzing cyber risk across the enterprise and dramatically simplified the process of modeling risk scenarios.



Clear Scenario Modeling
  • Easy, point-and-click process for identifying which assets, threats and forms of loss to include in your analyses.
  • Scenario iterations streamline the process for modeling and tracking how conditions change over time.
  • Simple process for performing multiple “what-if” versions of an analysis to explore where points of control-leverage or fragility exist.

Flexible and Adaptable
  • Choose the level of granularity you need given the problems you’re trying to solve, the type and quality of data you have and the resources you have to perform the analysis.
  • Add, subtract or refine the assets you’re protecting, the threats you face and the controls you have at your disposal.
  • RiskLens allows you to reflect your organization’s business structure by defining and focusing on specific business units and/or business processes.

Streamlined Data Management
  • Centrally collect and keep your assets, threats and risk data that feed your models and analyses.
  • Automatically reanalyze risk scenarios based on changes to your cybersecurity posture.
  • Quickly reuse your most relevant data to analyze emerging risks.

Understanding the RiskLens Platform

Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) is now viewed as a core pillar of any effective Integrated Risk Management program. This short explainer video walks you through the RiskLens Platform and gives you a glimpse into your future as a top tier cyber risk management organization.



Based on the FAIR Standard

RiskLens is the only enterprise software platform purpose-built on FAIR - an internationally recognized open standard for risk quantification.

Learn More About FAIR
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An Open Standard

FAIR is a standard risk taxonomy and risk quantification model by The Open Group, a global standards consortium, that can express cyber risk in financial terms.

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A Common Language

Without a standard model for risk, security and risk teams struggle to communicate to each other and the business. FAIR solves this problem.

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Enterprise Scalable

FAIR analyses scale for any risk factors, applies to information and operational risk, and integrates with Enterprise Risk Management.

Accelerate Digital Growth.
Optimize Cybersecurity Investment Decisions.

Discover how to manage cybersecurity risk from the business perspective.


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